Quiz: Can You Score a 5 in AP English?
Can You Score a 5 in AP English?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Advanced Placement English is an advanced class that the most gifted and competent high school students take in their final year (or two) of high school - or, if the opportunity only arises a little later, in the first year of college. AP English was previously a combination of English Literature and English Language, but the two have been two different courses since the '80s. These days, AP English is a matter of studying the literature and proving the ability to answer multiple choice questions and write essays about it. Of course, those are really just symptoms of the real goal of the course; to learn the skills that enable a person to gain a true and deep understanding of a text and parse out its meaning and construction.

Some might say, "Why is this a useful skill? After all, if you can read and write, do you need to do more than that? Can't you just pick up a book?" These people do not get a top score in AP English. They also don't know how to communicate as effectively, to understand themselves and their fellow man as deeply, they're more gullible and less informed, and they read more slowly and are less productive at work.

Fortunately, you're not one of those people - and this quiz is your chance to prove it!

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