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The United States is a massive country.

It is broken up into states for easier governance and naturally, each state would need a state capital. This the home of the state government. Here you will find a capitol building where legislation is passed, enforced and where state government staff ensure that everything within the state itself runs smoothly. 

Surprisingly, many of these state capitals are NOT the biggest cities found in the state. Some are extremely small and a few even have less than 100,000 people living within the city limits. 

So let's get onto the reason you are here ... the task at hand, shall we say. With 50 state capitals, do you think you would be able to name the city that serves a state as its state capital?

Sure, you probably know the state capital where you live. But what about New York State? And no, it isn't New York City. How about Texas? Massachusetts? Or even Illinois?

Those are fairly easy, right? Don't worry, we have made sure we have a few tough ones as well.

A score of 30/35 would be a fine achievement on this quiz.

Do you think you could reach that?

Let's see!

Good luck ...


Let's start with California. Can you name its state capital?

Home to around 500,000 people, Sacramento is the state capital of California. It was first incorporated in 1850 and is the ninth-largest capital in the United States. The name Sacramento is from Spanish origin.


Which of these, with just the word 'city' added to it, is the state capital of Oklahoma?

The word Oklahoma comes from a native America tribe, the Choctaw. It means "red people." Oklahoma City has a population of around 640,000 people. The city was founded in 1889.


Texas, the Lone Star State, is served by which capital?

Close to 1 million people live in the city of Austin, the state capital of Texas. Pioneers first entered the area in 1835 and Austin was incorporated in 1839. Austin is promoted as the 'The Live Music Capital of the World'.


New York is served by ________ as its capital.

Located 150 miles north of New York city, Albany is the state capital of New York. Only around 100,000 people live in the city itself, which was incorporated in 1686.


Do you know the state capital of Ohio?

The 14th most populated city in the United States, Columbus is the capital of Ohio. Around 800,000 people live in the city itself and over 2 million in the metropolis. The area was first settled in 1812 and the city is named after Christopher Columbus, famed explorer.


_______ is the state capital of Alaska.

The capital of Alaska since 1906, Juneau is a small city where around 32,000 people live.


Any ideas as to which of these state capitals serves Arkansas?

Incorporated in 1831, Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas. Over 700,000 people live in the city and surrounding area with close to 200,000 in the city itself. The name Little Rock comes from the French "La Petite Roche."


Over 280,000 people live in this city, the state capital of Nebraska.

The city was founded in 1856 originally as Lancaster, becoming Lincoln in 1869. It was named after Abraham Lincoln.


Trenton is the state capital of which US state?

Over 9 million people live in the state of New Jersey, the third state to be incorporated into the union in 1787. New Jersey is known as the garden state.


Can you select the capital of Connecticut from these answers?

The "Insurance Capital of the World," Hartford is one of the oldest cities in America and was first founded in 1635. It is home to around 124,000 people.


What is the state capital of Wyoming?

The "Frontier City," Cheyenne has a little over 64,000 people living in it. Named after the Cheyenne people, it was founded in 1867.


_________ is the capital of Virginia.

Richmond, known as the "River City" was founded in 1737. It served as a capital of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. The city has a population of around 230,000 while over 1,2 million people live in the Richmond metro.


Can you pick the state capital of Delaware from these options?

Around 37,000 people live in the city of Dover, Delaware. This city was first established in 1683.


Which of these is the state capital of Oregon?

Located on the Willamette River and in the Willamette Valley, Salem or the "Cherry City" was founded in 1842.


The state capital of Illinois, Abraham Lincoln once lived in this city for over 20 years. Can you name it?

Home to Abe Lincoln, who lived in there from 1837 to 1861, Springfield is the state capital of Illinois. Around 115,000 people live in the city itself and just over 200,000 in the metro. It was founded in 1821.


Which of these would be the state capital of Colorado?

Nicknamed the "Mile High City" as it is a mile above sea level, Denver is the biggest city in Colorado and its state capital. The city is home to over 700,000 people with more than 2,2. million calling the metropolitan area home. It was established in 1858.


Nevada's state capital is __________?

Founded in 1858, Carson City is actually named after a famed mountain man, Kit Carson. A little over 50,000 people call the city home.


Can you name the city that serves as Georgia's state capital?

Close to 6 million people live in the Atlanta area, with around 500,000 calling the city itself home. Atlanta was founded in 1847. The city was one of the most prominent during the 1960s civil rights movement.


What is the state capital of Arizona?

The area around Phoenix was settled in 1867, with the city incorporated in 1881. Phoenix is a large city with over 1.6 million staying within the city limits. It is the state capital with the most inhabitants in the United States.


Any ideas as to which city is the state capital of Florida?

First established in 1824, Tallahassee has close to 400,000 people living in it.


An easy one for sure! Tell us the state capital of Hawaii, please.

The largest city in Hawaii, Honolulu is also the state capital. The word Honolulu means sheltered harbor.


What is the state capital of Alabama?

Named after Richard Montgomery, a general who served in the Continental army during the American Civil War, Montgomery was incorporated in 1819, becoming the state capital in 1846. It played a major role in the civil rights movement in the 1960s.


The state capital of Kansas is ____________

"T-Town," as Topeka is known by residents, was founded in 1854. It has a population of just over 125,000 people. The name Topeka means "place where we dug potatoes" and comes from the Kansa-Osage language.


Could you tell us the city that serves as the state capital of Idaho?

The state capital of Idaho, Boise was founded in 1864. Situated on the Boise river, it has a population of around 225,000 people. It is nicknamed the "City of Trees."


__________ is the state capital of Iowa.

The biggest city in Iowa, Des Moines is also the state capital and home to 217,000 people who live within the city limits. It was founded in 1843 and originally called Fort Des Moines.


Harrisburg is the state capital of which state in the US?

From 1719 onward, European settlers made the area around Harrisburg their home. The city itself, however, was incorporated in 1791.


Please could you name Kentucky's state capital?

Founded in 1786, Frankfort became the state capital of Kentucky in 1835. Just over 27,000 people call the city home.


Which of these options below would be the Louisiana's state capital?

Baton Rouge, which means "red stick," was founded in 1699 but only truly settled from 1721 onward. It became the state capital in 1817.


Any ideas as to which city Maryland calls its state capital?

The people Annapolis like to call their city the "Sailing Capital of the World" and it's not difficult to see why, thanks to its perfect location. The city was actually the capital of the United States for a temporary period in 1783 and 1784. Founded in 1649, Annapolis became state capital in 1708.


From the options, please identify the state capital of Maine.

The American census of 2010 showed Augusta to be the third least populated state capital in the country, with around 19,000 people living in the city. This area was settled in 1754, while the town of Augusta was established in 1787.


__________ is the state capital of Massachusetts.

Home to over 680,000 people, Boston was settled as a town in 1630 and incorporated as a city in 1822. It has many nicknames including "The City on the Hill" and "Beantown."


Could you pick out the state capital of New Mexico, please?

Santa Fe is the oldest of the US state capitals and was founded by the Spanish in 1610.


Of the options here, which would be the state capital of Michigan?

"The Heart of Michigan," Lansing was settled in 1835 and incorporated just four years later. It is the only state capital that is a county seat.


The state of Montana is served by which city as state capital?

The city of Helena sprung up during the Montana gold rush in 1864. Over $3 billion worth of gold was found here over the period of the next 20 years, with Helena one of the most wealthy US cities at the time.


Last one! Tennessee has which city as its state capital?

"Music City" Nashville is not only the state capital of Tennessee but considered the home of country music. Founded in 1779, it is now home to around 690,000 people.


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