Quiz: Can you replace and hang an interior door yourself?

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You need a new door and you are thinking of calling in the professionals. Well, hang up that idea because you can probably do it all by yourself. It's not difficult, especially if you go for a prehung door. See how high you score on our quiz about how to hang an interior door.

How would you install a door in a partition wall with ease?

It's easy if you buy the door prehung, because you don't have to build the door frame yourself.


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a prehung door?

A prehung door comes set in a frame, one side of which has been trimmed with molding. Prehung doors frequently come with the knob and other hardware installed, too.


Approximately how long would it take to install a prehung door?

If you have the correct tools already, it should only take you one to two hours to install.


Which of these is a vital piece of equipment used for installing a prehung door?

You have to have a level. Without it, your door might not be, well, level! A door that isn't level doesn't open or close properly.


What will already be on one side of a prehung door frame?

The prehung door, already in its frame, will be trimmed at one side with molding.


How much space do you need to allow at the side and head jambs for a proper fitting?

To ensure a proper fit, you need to allow 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) at the side and 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters) at the head jamb.


What is the first step in hanging the door called?

The first step in hanging the door is to place it in the rough opening and level it, which is called plumbing.


If there are any gaps in the rough opening around the new door, what can you fill them with?

The starting point is to fill the gaps with cedar shingle shims.


What are the best nails to use for the side and head jambs?

The best nails to use would be 16d finishing nails; joist hanger nails and box nails would be totally unsuitable.


What can you fill the holes in the shims and jambs with?

After you've filled the gaps with cedar shingle shims and nailed the jambs, you remain with small holes; fill the small holes with wood putty, which is specially designed for this purpose.


How do you attach the molding?

You attach the molding by nailing it to the doorway.


What type of nail should you use for the molding?

To secure the molding, you need short 10d finishing nails.


To finish securing the molding, what do you do with the nail heads?

As a finishing touch, you countersink the nail heads in the molding.


Where you should you apply wood sealer after the door has been hung?

Apply wood sealer to the six surfaces of the door: both large surfaces, the top, the bottom and the two thin sides.


Is it necessary to also put sealer on the casings and moldings?

The sealer should cover the door, as well as the casings and moldings. It's the best protection you can give your new door.


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