Quiz: Can You Recognize These Famous Soccer Players From a Black and White Photo?
Can You Recognize These Famous Soccer Players From a Black and White Photo?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Ardfern via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

There is no doubt about it. Soccer is the most loved sporting activity the world over with billions of fans watching their favorite teams week in and week out. And when they are not playing, it's time to support your national team as they try to qualify for and then win the World Cup. 

This is something not achieved by many players but those who do become instant legends. Many soccer competitions also thrust players into the limelight, like the European Cup, for instance. With Real Madrid dominating it over the past four years, their players have become household names and command salaries that the man on the street can only dream of.

But it doesn't matter, because they become heroes to many, young and old alike, as they dazzle us with their incredible football skills. A dribble here, a 60-meter pass there or an incredible curing free-kick that is the winning goal, soccer players send their fans into rapture time and time again.

So, as a fan, you should be able to identify them, right? Sure, some of the modern footballers will be easy to recognize, even from a black and white picture. But what about those legends of the game who played years and years ago? Do you think you would be able to identify them?

Good luck!

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