Quiz: Can You Pass This Very British Food Quiz?
Can You Pass This Very British Food Quiz?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: pixabay by Free-Photos

About This Quiz

British food can be known for not having a very good reputation in the culinary world. This is probably because a lot of our cultural impressions of what certain countries are like were formed in the postwar period. This was a time when Britain was still rationing food, and when international trade systems had not yet enabled certain types of food to reach British shores in a timely manner.

However, a glorious thing happened in the 1950's and onward. Many new types of people came to Britain, and at the same time, the economy grew. Brits then became more demanding, and overseas travel became available to more people. Coupled with an infusion of new cuisines from India, China, the Caribbean and beyond, the most-ordered dish in the country became chicken tikka masala by the mid 90's. Then came the gastropub movement, and British food reclaimed its native recipes and updated them to be hearty, healthy and delicious. These days, London is a global gastronomic center of excellence, and many obscure village pubs serve life-altering Yorkshire puddings.

Do you know much about these culinary masterpieces? Let's find out!

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