Quiz: Can You Pass This Very American Food Quiz?
Can You Pass This Very American Food Quiz?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: ArtMarie/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Are you very familiar with American food and cuisine? You better be, because we always see it being paraded in front of us in American pop culture. Look at the way these very American food items are utilized and featured in many of your favorite movies and TV shows or mentioned in literary works—practically everywhere! Even painters also exhibit them in their artworks, no matter what their intention is. Yes, Warhol fans, you know what we're talking about! 

But aside from these very obvious product-placement advertising methods, intended or not, people outside of America also get to know about these American food items from American restaurants that open branches in their places. No matter where you go on this planet, there's sure to be an American fast-food chain somewhere, or a casual-dining restaurant or diner. And if you enter supermarkets and grocery stores in other continents, it's a sure thing that America has also been exporting their goods to be placed on foreign shelves. No wonder the world also loves American food!

So, if you want to pledge allegiance to the American appetite, go ahead and see this quiz through. Hey, you should score high, okay? Go for it!

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When people say that you’re as American as this pie, what is this food item they’re referring to?
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This chunky, beef-filled delight is known as what?
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This filling kind of pizza is known as what?
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Fast food chains like McDonald’s and In-N-Out have them! What are they?
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Slab some over firewood! What is it?
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It’s a bonfire dessert! What’s it called?
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They say it was inspired by a chihuahua! What is it?
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This thick, thick soup is known as what?
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Smother each loaf slice with two famous fillings and what have you got?
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It’s the quintessential all-American pasta! What’s it called?
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The City of Brotherly Love loves 'em! What is it?
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They love this mixture in Louisiana! What is it?
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This is best eaten with wasabi. What is it?
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When breakfast staples and fowl meet up, you got this! What is it?
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Are you brave enough to know what this porridge-like dish is? Take a guess!
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What do you call this healthy meal starter?
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They're usually made of buttermilk. What are these chewy delights?
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It's definitely from an animal, but it sounds like it's bread-like, too. What is it?
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This very tough snack is known as what?
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This superb seafood on a bun is called what?
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This usually yellow pastry can accompany meals. What is it?
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What sour-ish kind of pie is this?
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This is a staple comfort food for baby boomers. What is it?
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What's this hot and spicy bar chow?
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They originated from tuber leftovers. What's the name?
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What are these saucy legumes?
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What do you call these dairy delights?
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They could be bite-size circular yummies or one huge treat! What are they?
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What do you call these really, really small burgers?
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When you deep-fry some fowl, this is the result. What is it?
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This is another way of preparing potatoes. What's it called?
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Huddle over to eat this pastry! What's it called?
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This action-oriented sandwich is known as what, carnivores?
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When hot dogs are dipped in batter and fried, this is the result. What do you call them?
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Head over to Chesapeake Bay for these yummies! What are they?
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This tuber-based snack is known as what?
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Name the three main ingredients here and you name the sandwich, too! What's the name?
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This famous American ice cream delight is known as what?
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This very low-calorie food item is known as what?
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You get this at the end of American-born Chinese restaurant meals. What is it?
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