Quiz: Can You Pass This Renaissance History Quiz?
Can You Pass This Renaissance History Quiz?
By: Heather Cahill
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About This Quiz

The Renaissance is what we think of when we think of people like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and the Medici family. All played a large part in the Renaissance and what has come from it. If you were living at the time of the Renaissance, Italy was the place to be. The country was at the top of the world at this time with all the best talent, thinkers and revolutionary people of the time. So, you think you know all about it?

There are countless people who made the Renaissance what it was. Contributions in art, science and literature changed mindsets and created revolutions that were like no other. The Catholic Church was one of the leading forces at the time, and had a large influence over not just Italy, but the world. People who did not agree with the church and who spoke out with different ideas were not well liked. For example, Galileo is known to have had a conflict with the church over different beliefs that led to his house arrest.

While the Renaissance is thought to have been quite a revolutionary time, some could argue that it may not have been as open to hearing the new ideas from these people as we think. So, if you think you know all about the Renaissance, it's time to prove it by taking this quiz!

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Which family was extremely important to the Renaissance?
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Which of the following subjects were very important to the era?
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What was one of the most famous books of the Renaissance?
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What is another term that is sometimes used in reference to the Renaissance?
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What did Leonardo da Vinci often include in his art?
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Who is said to be depicted in the painting, "Mona Lisa"?
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Where did the Statue of David stand after its creation?
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Who doubled as surgeons during the Renaissance?
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What was revolutionary during the Renaissance?
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What type of religious practice was created during the Renaissance?
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What was Luca Pacioli known for?
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What idea was proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus?
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What does the word "Renaissance" mean?
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What technique was quite popular for art during the Renaissance?
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What did the "Vitruvian Man" show?
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Which city had a rivalry with Florence?
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Who painted the "Birth of Venus"?
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Who is known to be the "Father of the Renaissance"?
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What country was at the center of world culture?
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Who was a fan of da Vinci?
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In many Renaissance Era paintings, what are the Medicis usually shown holding?
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What was Machiavelli known for?
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What type of painting became popular during the Renaissance?
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In what city did the Renaissance start?
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At what age was a man expected to be married at during the Renaissance?
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Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
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What did famous artists do to learn more about the human body?
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What was Michel de Montaigne known for?
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