Quiz: Can You Pass This Lent Quiz?
Can You Pass This Lent Quiz?
By: Talin Vartanian
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About This Quiz

Lent is a period of different types of fasting, which includes giving up meals, particular food groups, items or leisurely activities. This also depends on the religion, church and a person's own morals and ethics regarding Lent.

Some people like to give up sweets, soda, video games or TV during the spring period of Lent, while others take it more seriously by not eating for several days out of the week. There are also different types of rules on what you can and cannot eat during Lent, but that also depends on the particular church you're involved with. For example, Eastern Orthodox Churches are more strict regarding Lent rules than Roman Catholic Churches.

Lent is observed during the spring months, right before Easter. Aside from fasting, it also involves enhancing and maintaining a spiritual connection with the Lord. This can be through various activities, such as reading certain scriptures of the Bible or going on prayer walks.

In this quiz, we'll take a look at the history of Lent, the types of "rules" that certain churches follow and what should not be consumed in terms of food and drinks. If you think you're an expert on Lent, try and score 90 percent on this quiz now!

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"Lent" originates from which of these words?
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Which of these holidays represents Fat Tuesday?
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According to old Catholic tradition, what can't you eat during Lent?
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What is the official color of Lent?
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Which of these days is NOT part of Lent?
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According to the Conference of Catholic Bishops, what is the age range for those who should fast on Ash Wednesday?
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Which type of meat are you allowed to consume on the Fridays during Lent?
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Which of the following are you supposed to give up for Lent?
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According to the Conference of Catholic Bishops, what is considered fasting on Ash Wednesday?
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The day after Good Friday is called...?
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"Mini-Easter" days occur on which days during Lent?
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Which of the following observes "Great Lent"?
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When Lent became official, which of the following could be consumed?
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During the early days of Lent, when were you allowed to consume your one meal?
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For Orthodox Christians, which of the following is allowed for consumption during Lent?
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When did the Roman Catholics become more lenient regarding traditional Lenten rules?
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Which of these churches does NOT traditionally observe Lent?
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"Cheesefare Week" refers to the week _______ Lent.
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To what does "alms-giving" refer?
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Which of the following is NOT a practice during Lent?
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Which of the following is NOT a Holy Day during Lent?
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According to the Roman Catholic Church, which of these days does NOT make up the Easter Triduum?
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