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Why do people like general trivia games? Well, first of all, they help us show off our skills and fact retention. Most importantly, however, general trivia games teach us quite a bit. When we get the questions wrong, we learn the right answer, and when we get the questions right, we learn a little bit more about the subject. 

If you're a trivia expert, you are probably used to being called a human encyclopedia. You may have some information that others don't have, but you don't consider yourself an expert on any one topic (when it comes to general trivia, that is). You probably love documentaries and watch them over "Real Housewives of [place with rich people]" any day of the week. You love to know a little bit about a lot, and you take pride in your trivia knowledge. 

For those of you who think you have what it takes to beat any trivia game out there, we have the perfect quiz for you. These 40 questions are sampled from pretty much every topic that you'd find in a general trivia game. It may seem random, but that's what will make this quiz challenging. Are you up for the challenge? Take this quiz to find out if you're the general trivia champion.

What was Buffalo Bill's real name?

Not to be confused with Wild Bill Hickock, Buffalo Bill Cody was a bison hunter and showman who lived until 1917. He lived in many areas across the American midwest, and in Toronto, Canada as a child.

Who wrote the book, "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

While there is speculation that Harper Lee had a ghostwriter for this book, it is still in publication and highly sought after. It was initially published in 1960 and is considered a modern American classic that was featured in a movie by the same name, starring Gregory Peck and Robert Duvall, amongst others.

Which of these is a prime number?

To answer this question correctly, it is important to remember that prime numbers can only be divided by themselves and one to create a product that is a whole number. In this case, 97 is the only prime number, and it is the highest two-digit prime number.

If someone who know is participating for a decathlon, for how many events will they have to train?

There are 10 events in a decathlon, and they generally take place over two or more days (athletes get tired too). These events include: 100-meter dash, broad jump, shot put, high jump, and 110-meter hurdles.

Do you know the product of 12 and 12?

The product of two numbers is the number you get when you multiply those two numbers; 12 times 12 is 144. While several mathematical formulas can be confusing, the product of two numbers shouldn't be one of them.

What U.S. state boasts the highest population?

While Alaska is the largest state in the United States (by square miles), California boasts the largest population with 39.5 million people (over 10% of the U.S. population). Who could blame people for wanting to live there? The entire state has an ocean on one border.

Dwayne Johnson was an American wrestler. Do you remember his catchphrase?

While Dwayne Johnson transitioned from "The Rock" to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to Dwayne Johnson over the last 15 years, we've watched him grow as an actor and hilarious Twitter commenter.

Can you define 'botany'?

Zoology is the study of animals, and botany is the study of plants. Both of these subsciences fall under the realm of biology. Everyone should know a little bit about biology to get by, for example, how reproduction works.

Compared to human cells, how many bacterial cells are in the human body?

We know that it's gross to think about, but the human body needs bacterial cells to eat the things that attack us. There are such things as good bacteria, which is why you may feel a little extra icky if you're on antibiotics ... they kill good bacteria and bad bacteria.

How many instruments did Prince play in his debut album?

Prince wasn't just a showman, he was an incredibly talented artist. He could play any instrument handed to him, and he loved what he did. His career made it through four decades of cultural change.

Who was the first president of the United States?

Pretty much everything in the United States is named after its first president. George Washington has schools, libraries, monuments and roads named after him. You'd think he founded the country or something.

Which professional basketball team won six titles in seven years?

If you grew up in the 1990s, you knew the Chicago Bulls like the back of your hand. If you grew up in the Midwest during that decade, you couldn't help but be in love with Michael Jordan and his magical ways.

In the 'Harry Potter' series, which teacher does Harry blame for everything?

Harry constantly falsely accuses Severus Snape of all of the bad things that happen around Hogwarts. Until Snape actually kills Dumbledore (spoiler alert ... sorry), Snape doesn't do anything bad, and even killing Dumbledore wasn't bad, we later find out.

Which color of the rainbow is missing from this list? Red, orange, green, blue, violet

The standard rainbow has six colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. However, some people believe that the color indigo should be shoved in there, but the creator of ROY G BIV just wanted there to be seven letters, and it indigo isn't considered.

What is the national emblem of Canada?

Just because there's a maple leaf on Canada's flag doesn't mean the beaver isn't important too. In 1975, Canada chose this emblem to represent the country. It symbolizes the country's sovereignty.

In a baseball game, how many defensive players can be on the field at one time?

The bare minimum number of players that a baseball team needs is nine. However, most teams have several backup players for each position. Players can only play once, and when they are taken out of a game, they can't come back to that same game.

Mr. Spock always said what on the 'Star Trek' series?

Hold up your hand. Separate your index and middle finger from your ring and pinky finger. This is the hand gesture that Spock always gave when he blessed those with this saying. Trekkies everywhere still use it.

In the 'Batman' series, who is Alfred?

Every attempt at making a "Batman" movie includes an attempt at creating the Alfred character. No matter what, Alfred is always witty, down to earth, and helpful toward Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman.

Do you remember where Jim Morrison is buried?

Although Jim Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida, when he died at the young age of 27, he was buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France. He died in 1971 of congestive heart failure or a drug overdose, depending on who you believe. There are new theories out there.

Who has the last name Bing on the show, 'Friends'?

Everyone knows Chandler as the funny guy on "Friends." He uses his humor to block the fact that he doesn't do so well in the love department (until he gets married). However, when people find out his last name is Bing, they think it's a joke.

What is another name for a peanut?

Peanuts are grown in the ground. These little guys with big shells are also known as groundnuts, monkey nuts and goobers. That's right. Jimmy Carter was a goober farmer. Now you know.

Which actor played Forrest Gump in the hit movie by the same name?

If you see a single white feather fall from the sky, you probably think fondly of the first time you saw "Forrest Gump" (1994). This movie touched audiences with its intricate storyline and exceptional characters.

Do you know Las Vegas, Nevada's, nickname?

Las Vegas, Nevada, has many nicknames and quite the reputation. So much so that it's easy to forget that people live there, go to church and raise their families there. It's a city, both like every other and unlike any other.

This element has the symbol 'Na' on the periodic table of elements. What is it?

Sodium is a chemical element that has many uses. For example, it helps create table salt and various nutritional elements. Sodium has only one electron in its outer shell, which makes it delicious on French fries.

If you're going by Fahrenheit, at what temperature does water freeze?

Remember that the air doesn't have to reach 32 degrees to make the water freeze, but the water itself has to reach 32 degrees. That's why it can be 32 degrees outside, but large bodies of water aren't frozen. It takes longer to cool them down.

Can you name the country that gave America the Statue of Liberty?

Standing at 305 feet high, the Statue of Liberty is an iconic American symbol. It is found on a small island called Liberty Island in New York Harbor. It was constructed in 1875 and originally made out of copper.

What does it mean to be heliophobic?

Helio means sun and phobia means fear. If you are afraid of the sun, you are heliophobic. While it may seem like an odd thing to be frightened of, vampires understand the pain of being exposed to sunshine.

When did the Beatles release their album, 'Please Please Me'?

The 1963 album, "Please Please Me," by the Beatles featured several of their hit songs, including "I Saw Her Standing There," "Love Me Do" and the title song, "Please Please Me." This was the beginning of the British Invasion.

Do you know the name of the planet that is no longer considered a planet?

For nearly 100 years, scientists widely agreed that Pluto was a planet. However, in 2006, they decided that it wasn't a planet, but a dwarf planet. It's basically a huge ball of ice and dust, so we understand.

In Greek mythology, there are many gods that have to do with war, but which god represents fighting and gore in war?

It's important to remember that Athena represents strategic military planning and intelligence, whereas Ares represents brute strength and violent death. These two gods put together make one fine war machine.

The 'Game of Thrones' series on HBO was great, but what is the name of the book series on which it was based?

"A Song of Ice and Fire" was written by George R. R. Martin. Though we don't see a lot of the song of ice and the song of fire in the HBO series, there are hints that the ending of the books will be a little bit different.

In which United States city would you find O'Hare International Airport?

Once considered the world's busiest airport, Chicago's O'Hare Airport is now the sixth busiest airport in the world. With nearly 1 million flights taking off and landing every year, it's no wonder the city had to build a second airport.

Who was the director of the 1997 film, 'Titanic'?

The 1997 blockbuster film, "Titanic," was what happens when you take a historical event and try to build a love story around it. Fans are still screaming about the fact that Jack clearly would have fit on that door, but they don't take into consideration the fact that his weight would have made it sink.

The inventor of the cotton candy machine had which profession?

You heard it here first, people! One of the inventors of the cotton candy machine was a dentist. Here's a clear example of a super villain. Who else would invent something that destroyed the very thing he fixed?

Do you know what space smells like?

Scientists have discovered that space has a very distinct smell. This smell is very close to diesel fumes and gunpowder (with a hint of barbecue, for flavoring). It is theorized that this smell comes from dead stars.

Where do baby carrots come from?

When farmers realized that it was more difficult to sell carrots that had weird shapes, they decided to cut them down and make them pretty. This proves that humans eat with their eyes as much as their tongues.

How did Babe Ruth keep his head cool while he played baseball?

Yes, it's gross, but Babe Ruth really did do this. Of course, he would have to change it every two innings to ensure he stayed cool and an odd smell of cooking cabbage didn't come from his general direction.

Can you remember how many dimples a regulation golf ball has?

In case you needed useless information clogging up your brain, the standard (or regulation) golf ball has 336 dimples. They are not just for show, either. These dimples actually help the ball soar through the air and travel longer distances.

About how many thunderstorms are happening in the Earth's atmosphere right now?

Look outside your window. Do you see a thunderstorm? If not, these 1,800 (to 2,000) thunderstorms are happening in other areas of the world. These storms range in size and intensity.

How fast does a sneeze travel?

When you sneeze, your body is trying to expel bad stuff that it isn't used to. When it comes to sneezing, mucus travels fast. This is why it's so important to cover your sneezes. Those are some high-speed germs you're packing!

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