Quiz: Can You Pass This Gen X Slang Test?
Can You Pass This Gen X Slang Test?
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

Gen X is the generation wedged in between the baby boomers and the millennials. Some people think that Generation X is the coolest generation going, while others aren't quite such big fans of people in this age group. No matter what you think of the actual generation, you have to admit that their slang was the absolute best. A lot of this slang has gone by the wayside, never to be heard again. I mean, when's the last time you heard someone say, "Talk to the hand"? But a whole lot of this slang is still around today. If you know it, then you have some instant street cred with people of all ages, and if you don't, well ...

What's your knowledge of Generation X slang? Because you know back in the day all Gen X slang was bangin'. Are you down with knowing the definitions of "trippin'," "schwing," "dope," "fly," "peace out," "punked," "score" and many more? If so, then "word." 

So, dude, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get crackalackin' and take this quiz and show off your totally radical knowledge of Gen X slang? Sweet! If you do well, then feel free to say, "booyah."

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If someone tells a woman, "You go, girl," what are they trying to do?
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Someone that yells "yoink" is probably doing what?
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What is another way to say, "yadda yadda yadda"?
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In '90s slang, if someone says "word" after someone else speaks, what are they doing?
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If someone was "wigging out" in class, what was that person doing?
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If you call your girlfriend your "wifey," what are you saying?
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In what part of the country do those in Generation X use the word "wicked" to describe something that's not evil?
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If an emo band is "wack," what are they?
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What does it mean if someone gets a "vibe"?
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You stayed out late, and now your significant other is "trippin'." What are they doing?
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Some of the clothes back in the '80s and '90s were "tight." What were they?
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If a new acquaintance seems "shady," what does that mean?
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Someone just gave you "props" - what are they giving you?
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In Gen X slang, what's another word for "phat"?
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If a man is carrying a "piece," what does he have?
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What do the initials "O.G." stand for?
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If a new song is "off the hook," what is it?
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Someone in a group of friends is a "narc." What does that mean?
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A famous person is "keeping it real." What's he doing?
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If a woman is wearing some new "ice," what does she have?
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Bill is your "homie," so what is he to you?
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In '90s slang, what's your "hood"?
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Which of these choices is most similar to the slang word "hella"?
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In Gen X slang, what is "grindage"?
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If you think that someone you just met is "frontin'," how are they acting?
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If you're "fiending" for pizza, what are you doing?
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Two people are "dissing" each other in a conversation - what are they doing?
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You're at a party, and you decide to "dip." What did you do?
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A player just "clowned" his coach during a timeout. What did he do?
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What are you making if you're making "cheddar"?
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Someone who is uncomfortable in a social situation might "bounce." What would they be doing?
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If a used car is a "beater," how good might it be?
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A new burrito place just opened up, and it's "the bomb." What is it like?
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