Quiz: Can You Pass This Firefighter Entrance Exam in 7 Minutes?
Can You Pass This Firefighter Entrance Exam in 7 Minutes?
By: Todd Betzold
Image: ParkerDeen / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Growing up, many boys and girls dreamed of being police officers or doctors or firefighters. They wanted to save the world, one arrest, surgery or house fire at a time! These kids got older and some of them shifted their dreams to being accountants or entrepreneurs or even CEOs. However, some of them continued to have those dreams and some of them even turned those dreams into realities. There are thousands of firefighters out there, but they had to pass an entrance exam before even attempting to become one. That is where we come into play!

If you are still dreaming of becoming a firefighter someday, then you have to take this quiz. The exam tests you on everything from emergency medical care to fire science basics and even math! Yeah, we probably scared some of you off with the mention of math! It's part of the exam, though, so are you up for the challenge? I mean, this quiz will only take you less than seven minutes to complete and in the end, you'll not only know the normal rate of breathing for an infant, but you'll also know if you are made to be a firefighter!

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