Quiz: Can You Pass This 6-Minute French Phrases Drill Without Any Mistakes?
Can You Pass This 6-Minute French Phrases Drill Without Any Mistakes?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: pexels

About This Quiz

Do you think you have that certain je ne sais quois? The French language can be tricky for those who did not grow up speaking it. This Romance language is different from English in so many ways. From the pronunciation to the accents and phrases to the grammar and quirky sayings, a lot can get lost in translation. However, this is nothing for a true Francophile.  

A Francophile is someone who feels a strong connection to, or appreciation for, the French language and culture. French language and culture have become synonymous around the world with class, style, flair and sophistication. Around the world, French taste is considered highly prized. 

It can be fun to stretch your brain by putting those language skills to the test. French is a famous and challenging language that's beautiful when you get it right. Even potatoes have an artistic sounding name in the French language. 

Do you think you can handle this difficile six-minute French language drill without making a single mistake? Are you up for the challenge of doing the linguistic tango with the language of love? If you think you are ready, it's time to put your brain to the ultimate French test with this six-minute quiz! 

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