Quiz: Can You Pass the FAA Pilot's Exam?
Can You Pass the FAA Pilot's Exam?
By: John Miller
Image: arsenik/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

If you’ve ever gazed at a plane passing by high overhead or seen “Top Gun,” you’ve probably yearned to fly into the clouds with your hands on a control wheel. Unlike a car, you can’t just take a short DMV test and then hop into the cockpit and streak toward the heavens. First, you’ll have to pass the Federal Aviation Administration pilot’s examination. That means understanding a broad range of knowledge about flight rules and regulations, along with basic airplane operation. Do you think you can pass this basic pilot’s quiz?

Before you even set out to receive FAA approval, you have to decide what sort of aircraft you want to fly. The rules for flying a glider are much different than those for piloting a huge commercial airliner. Yet there’s also a lot of overlap between these knowledge bases – pilots must have a firm grasp on the physics of flight, as well as the way aircraft leverage things like lift, drag, thrust, airspeed, attitude, and much more.

Pilots must also know all of the FAA’s various rules and regulations regarding their particular aircraft type. All of those variables change depending on whether you want a sport, recreation, commercial, remote, or another type of license. Take off in this exciting FAA pilot's test now!

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