Quiz: Can You Pass an Electrician School Entrance Exam?
Can You Pass an Electrician School Entrance Exam?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Monty Rakusen / Cultura / Getty IMages

About This Quiz

In 2017, about 4.03 trillion kWh of electricity was generated in the United States alone.  The average home uses about 10,400 kWh in a year. We've got electricity on a grand scale here, without a doubt. With all those electrons flowing around freely, it's no wonder there are so many electricians out there and there always seems to be a demand for more.  Having an understanding of and respect for how electricity works is an important skill and will likely remain so for a very long time to come.

Your average electrician has to understand a lot of things.  Just the math alone in figuring out resistance or power based on current or capacitance sounds utterly daunting to a layman, not to mention all the codes and standards that need to be adhered to when doing wiring and installations in a home or commercial environment.   A person could take years to master it all. But we don't need you to be a master!  If you think you know the basics, the stuff you might need to understand for an electrician's entrance exam, now's the chance to show your stuff.  Plug yourself into this quiz and prove you've got what it takes.  Will it be shockingly easy ... or not?

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