Quiz: Can You Pass a True Dog Lover's Quiz?
Can You Pass a True Dog Lover's Quiz?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Prove you're a real canine companion by acing this quiz!

Dogs have been man's best friends for thousands of years, and experts widely agree they are the first domesticated animals. We humans have bred Fido and his pals to enhance traits that we consider necessary, desirable and/or cute. Still, even after all these years, it's not always easy to understand just why Rover does what he does. After all, he can't really talk... or can he?

Dogs wag their tails, ride in the car with their heads out the window and their ears flapping in the wind, walk in circles before lying down and roll in stinky stuff. But why do they do these things? If you are thinking happiness, joy and instinct, you're right, and you just might master this quiz. But, as a canine expert, you also understand that Spot's behavior may have more than one meaning. Still, if you're a real dog lover, you'll be able to decipher the messages in this quiz. From behaviors that are confusing and frustrating to behaviors that are adorable and endearing, Cujo and his compadres' antics make life interesting.

Let's get started and see if you can legitimately call yourself a canine whisperer.

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