Quiz: Can you name these would-be presidents?
Can you name these would-be presidents?
By: Bambi Turner
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For every newly-elected POTUS delivering a victory speech to cheering crowds, there's an opponent who didn't quite make the grade. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the people who were almost president.

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What future president lost to Benjamin Harrison in the 1888 election?
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What newspaper falsely gave the 1948 election to Dewey?
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Who lost to Barack Obama in the 2012 election?
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Who tied with Aaron Burr in the 1800 presidential election?
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Aaron Burr was still vice president when he shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
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What was Charles Evans Hughes doing before he threw his hat into the 1916 presidential race
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Al Gore narrowly lost to George Bush despite a recount in this state.
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How many votes separated President George Bush from also-ran Al Gore in Florida?
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Who did George McClellan run against in 1864 on an unsuccessful anti-war platform?
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Before he ran for president, Adlai Stevenson was governor of this state.
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Adlai Stevenson did better when he ran against Eisenhower again in 1956.
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What issue won George Wallace 10 million votes in the 1968 presidential race?
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Where was Wallace when he was shot in an assassination attempt during his 1972 campaign?
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This is the only state Walter Mondale won in his 1984 presidential campaign.
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What was unusual about Mondale's pick for VP?
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How many times did Bob Dole run for president?
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George Washington only narrowly won the presidential election in 1789.
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What year did a woman run for president for the first time?
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What state is home to a museum dedicated to presidential losers?
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What state did Michael Dukakis serve as governor of before running for president?
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Which 2016 candidate climbed Mount Everest?
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What department did Hillary Clinton represent before she attempted a presidential run in 2016?
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How many electoral votes separated Clinton and Trump in the 2016 election?
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Clinton was the first candidate to win the popular vote, but lose the election.
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Donald Trump never ran for president before the 2016 race.
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Who lost to John F. Kennedy in the 1960 presidential race?
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What year did Nixon finally win a presidential election?
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What year did Strom Thurmond run for president?
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How many years did Strom Thurmond serve in the Senate?
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Who beat Samuel Tilden by one electoral vote to clench the 1876 presidential race?
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