Quiz: Can You Name All These TV Couples?
Can You Name All These TV Couples?
By: Amanda M.
Image: Open 4 Business Productions

About This Quiz

For about 60 years (give or take), televisions have lit up living rooms across America.  When they first arrived in the marketplace, the typical cost for a 17" TV was $199 and if you really wanted to splurge, you could invest in an Admiral Home Entertainment System, pricing out at $599. It came with a 21-, 24-, or 27-inch screen television in one of its compartments and a full-sized record player in another.

Today we have televisions in all shapes and sizes, from the Samsung "The Wall" LED screen television measuring 146" and costing a little over $100,000, to most smartphones from which you could stream your favorite television shows. You could say we've come a long way with our innovations.

Like the television itself, our TV shows had modest beginnings.  Many of the stations didn't want to push too many envelopes. However, with current television shows, it seems like anything goes. Gone are the portrayals of the perfect family. We now have shows that showcase how a real family acts as well as what defines a family.  In dramas, darker subjects, like assault, murder, and addictions are addressed realistically.  

In almost all cases, a couple is centering these happenstances.  While many of their storylines are memorable, do you think you can remember these couples' names?  Take the quiz to find out! 

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