Quiz: Can You Name These Tasty Pastries If We Tell You Where They're From?
Can You Name These Tasty Pastries If We Tell You Where They're From?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Eugene Mymrin / moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

For a food to be a pastry, it needs certain ingredients. The base would need to have flour, water and some kind of shortening. The difference between each pastry is the way it is made, the ingredients that go in after, and the way it is cooked. Whether milk, sugar, eggs or fruit are added can be the difference between a pie and a choux. But we're not asking you to list the ingredients of some of the most popular pastries in the world because that would be way too difficult. Instead, we want to see if you can name the pastry if we tell you what country or region it is from. 

Sure most people think that all pastries are from France, but you'd be surprised to know that your favorites come from Spain, Japan, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada, and even Australia. We're also going to show you pictures of what the pastry looks like, so you can make a better guess as to what it could be. If that wasn't enough, we're also going to give you hints to help you out if you get stuck.

So, let's stop stalling. It's time to see if you can do more than just put the pastry where your mouth is.

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Also called a swirl or snail that hails from Sweden, what is this sweet favorite called?
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Thought to have come from Germany or the United States, which dessert is this?
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A French classic, what is this pastry called?
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Coming from Spain and making a home in Mexico, what's the name of this food?
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Don't let the name fool you, it's from Austria and not the European nationality it was named for. What is it?
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An Austrian creation, what's the name of this food?
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Great Britain is where this pastry originated, but what is its name?
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This oblong pastry is French. What is its name?
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Considered to be British, what is this particular pastry called?
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Not native to one specific country, this classic is said to have come from Europe. What is its name?
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Its name tells you that it's from a British city. But which of these is it?
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A Chinese classic, what is this one called?
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A European product, can you choose the name that matches this pastry?
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Associated with the United States, what is this favorite called?
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Often thought to be associated with Queen Elizabeth I, what kind of pastry is this?
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A big UK hit, what is this food called?
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The Brits get the props for creating this pastry. What's its name?
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This food is considered to be French, although the Italians and English also prepared it. What is it called?
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A beautiful French confection, what name does this one go by?
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Originating in Sicily, Italy, what is this stuffed favorite called?
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A French classic, can you correctly name this dish?
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Its name doesn't seem very French but it did originate in France. What is this?
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It's French for "thousand leaves." What is its name?
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A French favorite, what is this called?
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Queen Elizabeth's people created this one. Can you name it?
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This one is a doozy! Its name is French inspired, was brought to Latin America through Spain, but has history in Italy. What is it?
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The Turks created this delicacy. Which of these is its name?
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The Scots are responsible for this. Can you tell us its name?
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An obvious French creation, what is this known as?
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The Swiss claim this one, although Italy and France do too. What is it called?
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This European favorite originated in either Greece or England. What is its name?
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Having roots in the United Kingdom, just what is this food called?
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Known by many different names in many different countries, this particular dish was developed in ancient times. But what do the Brits and the Americans call it?
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Not really from a country, but more like the Central Asian region, what's the name given to this food?
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All the way from Russia, what is this one called?
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Not to be confused with pancakes, this dish hails from the UK. What is it known as?
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Most believe this to be from the United Kingdom; what is it called?
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Deceptively Spanish, what does this look like?
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Although served globally, this one comes from Denmark. What is its name?
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A Japanese favorite, what do you think this is?
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