Quiz: Can You Name These States From Three Clues?
Can You Name These States From Three Clues?
By: Michael Moraitis
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Whether you love "Sweet Home Alabama" or you have an "Empire State of Mind," the United States is always a place to sing about. A vast land made up of 50 states, each individual state has something that helps make it memorable. From food to major landmarks, can you name these states from three clues?

The history of the United States as a country began in 1776 with the start of the American Revolutionary War. Eleven years later would bring about the formation of the first few states through the ratification of the Constitution. What started as the original thirteen colonies would grow to become 50 states in the world's third largest country. How well do you know the states?

Each state has its own characteristics that make it unique. Their nicknames like "The Garden State" and "The Lone Star State" help make them easily recognizable. Landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Space Needle, and Golden Gate Bridge help give them culture while the birthplace of presidents like George Washington, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama make them memorable. From all the culture and customs lying within each state, can you identify them from just three clues? Can you differentiate between "The First State" and the last state, which is also called "The Aloha State?" There's only one way to find out! Take this quiz and let's find out what "state" of mind you're in!

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The Big Apple, Statue of Liberty, Broadway.
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Neighbor to Canada, Space Needle, Starbucks.
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Great Salt Lake, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Bryce Canyon National Park.
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Oranges, Disney World, the Everglades.
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The Aloha State, birthplace of Barack Obama, Pearl Harbor.
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The Redwood Forest, Napa Valley, Golden Gate Bridge.
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The Garden State, Six Flags Great Adventure, MetLife Stadium.
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Harvard, Martha's Vineyard, Salem witch trials.
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Cheese, Badger State, Packers.
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The Windy City, Barack Obama's former hometown, Sears Tower.
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Motor City, Lake Huron, Ford Motor Company headquarters.
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Sin City, Hoover Dam, Area 51.
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Cactuses, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam.
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Pocono Mountains, Liberty Bell, Battle of Gettysburg.
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Rocky Mountains, Mile-High City, Centennial State.
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The Alamo, The Lone Star State, JFK assassination.
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Bayou State, Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras.
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Crab cakes, Fort McHenry, Pimlico Race Course.
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Potatoes, The Smurf Turf, Silver City.
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Land of 10,000 Lakes, Mall of America, North Star State.
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The Last Frontier, Sarah Palin, Seward's Folly.
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Yale University, the Constitution State, Mystic Seaport.
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Vanderbilt University, Music City, Grand Ole Opry.
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The Show Me State, Anheuser-Busch headquarters, Gateway Arch.
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Peaches, Stone Mountain Park, The Varsity.
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Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful, Equality State.
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Cotton State, Auburn University, Crimson Tide.
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Hometown of LeBron James, Buckeyes, Birthplace of Aviation.
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Duke University, Chapel Hill, Tar Heels.
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Old Dominion, Jamestown, birthplace of George Washington.
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Cornhusker State, hometown of Warren Buffett, National Museum of Roller Skating.
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The Sunflower State, Dodge City, Wheat Capital of the World.
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Hot Springs National Park, birthplace of Bill Clinton, The Natural State.
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The Magnolia State, Old Man River, birthplace of Teddy Bears.
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Fort Sumter, The Palmetto State, Rainbow Row.
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