Can You Name These Overwatch Characters from a Screenshot?

By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Youtube via PlayOverwatch

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From robot monks to Scandinavian scientists, to a genius gorilla, Overwatch's cast of characters is certainly colorful! Do you think you can identify 40 of them in this quiz?

Overwatch's origins stem from two different projects under Blizzard Entertainment: "Project Titan" and "Prometheus." Its aesthetics are meant to be true to Blizzard's style - colorful and approachable, drawing particular inspiration from sister game, World of Warcraft.

Overwatch - the fictional organization - was created during the Omnic Crisis as an international task force, seeking to help those in need and restore peace to the world. Though the organization has disbanded, new heroes have since arisen, such as D.Va and Lúcio!

Though all dubbed "heroes" in-game, quite a few of the player characters are much more on the villainous side. Similarly, Overwatch isn't without its adversaries, including major terrorist organization, Talon. There have actually been Overwatch members who became Talon members, and some heroes who were never even affiliated with Overwatch at all! Do you know who they are?

With all the characters (both playable and non-playable) having quirks and unique stories, it's no doubt why they're a huge part of the game's success. When it comes to Overwatch characters, will you get "Play of the Game" or throw the match? Take our quiz and find out!

This genetically enhanced gorilla was designated Specimen 28 and later named himself after Dr. Harold Winston, a human scientist to whom he looked up as both a mentor and father figure before he died.

Before he became a vigilante, Soldier: 76 (then known as Jack Morrison) was a part of the American army’s project to enhance soldiers’ speed and strength to superhuman levels. Reaper – a.k.a. Gabriel Reyes – was also part of this project before they both joined Overwatch.

After a teleportation experiment gone wrong, Lena Oxton (a.k.a. Tracer) suffered from a condition in which she uncontrollably time-jumped for extended periods. Luckily, a doctor designed her a device that not only anchored her to the present but also gave her the ability to speed up or slow down her own time!

At just 19 years old, D.Va, whose real name is Hana Song, is the second-youngest Overwatch hero. However, her career history is nothing short of impressive; the South Korean teen is a mech pilot, professional gamer and an actress!

American bounty hunter Jesse McCree’s philosophy is that “justice ain’t gonna dispense itself.” Despite his former affiliation with gangs, McCree claims to fight for justice, and his revolver is called “Peacekeeper.”

Akande Ogundimu is the third holder of the “Doomfist” title. He was a professional martial artist specializing in traditional African fighting styles before the loss of his right arm ended his career, after which he became a mercenary.

In a state of emergency during an Overwatch mission, Mei-Ling Zhou and her scientist colleagues entered cryostasis in pods until Overwatch could rescue them. However, her pod was the only one that didn’t malfunction and she woke up alone nine years later to find that Overwatch had disbanded.

A conflict between Genji and his older brother, Hanzo, left him nearly dead until he was discovered by Overwatch who rebuilt his body. Though he was at first revolted by the mechanical parts of his body, he found peace with the help of the monk, Zenyatta.

“Bastion” is actually the name of a line of sentient robot units; this Bastion is one of the last few. After the Omnic Crisis, Bastion lay dormant in a forest until accidentally being woken by a bird named Ganymede.

Hanzo is a former member of the Shimada crime family. He left after the elders turned him against his brother, Genji.

Angela Ziegler is an expert scientist and doctor, and her talents led Overwatch to recruit her. Though she appreciates the organization’s similar dedication to helping humanity, she often disagrees with its aggressive approaches.

Ashe was born with a silver spoon in her mouth but gave it all up for a life on the lam. She was a founding member of the Deadlock gang along with Jesse McCree and is the gang's current leader.

After a nuclear fallout in the Australian Outback, the radiation caused Jamison Fawkes to go insane. This led him to grow an obsession with explosives and he actually made the grenade launcher he uses!

Fareeha Amari comes from a long line of soldiers, including her mother, Ana. She worked hard to become a strong and credible soldier and dreamed of joining Overwatch just like her mother. Unfortunately, Overwatch disbanded before she got the chance to join.

Zenyatta’s name is inspired by Buddhism. His first name comes from “Zen” and “Śūnyata” (a Buddhist concept of emptiness in the world). The other part of his name, Tekhartha, is a reference to Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha’s name before he achieved nirvana.

Weapons designer Torbjörn Lindholm is to thank for developing much of Overwatch’s arsenal. His name is a modern form of “Þórbjörn,” an Old Norse name which roughly means “thunder bear.”

Living his life by knightly ethics such as justice and valor, Reinahardt Wilhelm was one of the original members of Overwatch. He’s the oldest playable character at 61 years old.

Before he became a freedom fighter, Lúcio wanted to somehow spread positivity and inspire people, and found a way to do just that through music. He’s still a popular musician, and fellow hero D.Va is one of his fans!

Aleksandra Zaryanova is a member of the Russian Defense Force, and a former professional athlete. She has a “512” tattoo on her shoulder, which is her weightlifting record in kilograms!

Tekhartha Mondatta was a monk and the leader of the Shambali, a religious order of omnics of which Zenyatta was also a member. He preached for equality between humans and omnics, but was killed by Widowmaker during a speech in King’s Row.

Orisa is the youngest Overwatch hero; she’s only one month old! Her name comes from OR15, the name of the defunct robot line she was to be a part of before she was rebuilt by robotics prodigy Efi Oladele.

Mako Rutledge is another hero from Junkertown and was an enforcer before becoming Junkrat’s bodyguard. He’s officially Australian but it’s been hinted that he’s of New Zealand Maori descent.

Reaper, then known as Gabriel Reyes, underwent genetic alterations at the hand of Doctor Moira O’Deorain, which gave him ghost-like abilities. Did you know that it’s possible for him to one-hit kill every hero apart from Tanks and Bastion?

Egyptian Ana Amari is a bounty hunter and former founding member of Overwatch, as well as the mother of Pharah. She and her daughter both have a tattoo of the Eye of Horus, a symbol of protection.

Satya Vaswani is very concerned with order in all things and considers herself to be on the autism spectrum. She hopes to one day help create a perfect society, though she’s sometimes unsure if her ideal of universal order and control is best.

CEO of Volskaya Industries, Katya is like a hero to the Russians due to her organization's contributions during Russia's war against the Siberian omnium. However, she had secretly gotten technology from other omnics.

Ironically, the first widow that Amélie Lacroix made was herself! After being kidnapped and brainwashed by Talon, she was instructed to kill her own husband because he was a threat to the terrorist organization.

Balderich was the German general of the Crusaders, and Reinhardt was his lieutenant and apprentice. He was invited to join Overwatch but shortly before his death in a battle against omnics, he gave Reinhardt the medal of invitation instead.

The morality of Moira O’Deorain’s scientific advances are questionable, but it can’t be denied that she’s a brilliant scientist. She has genetically engineered Reaper and possibly Widowmaker as well.

Brigitte may be Torbjörn’s youngest child, but she’s also the only one to show an interest in engineering like her father. While her father specializes in weapons design, Brigitte focuses on armor.

Sombra (real name: Olivia Colomar) is a hacker from Dorado, Mexico. Orphaned in the Omnic Crisis, Sombra survived and made a name for herself at a young age with her technological prowess. She has orchestrated many major cyberattacks!

Maximilien is an omnic Talon council member and owner of a casino in Monaco. He wears a golden pi symbol pin, in reference to the Monte Carlo method of computing pi.

Emily is a British civilian and Tracer’s girlfriend, and lives with her in a London apartment. She was the first romantic partner of any Overwatch hero to be confirmed!

Ganymede accidentally reactivated Bastion when it was building a nest on Bastion's shoulder and now accompanies Bastion on its travels. Ganymede's species changes depending on Bastion’s skin.

Gérard Lacroix was married to Amélie Lacroix, and was killed by her after she was brainwashed by Talon. He was also friends with Blackwatch member Gabriel Reyes (a.k.a. Reaper).

Olympia Shaw grew up as a fan of the Overwatch organization, and was one of the many who mourned its disbandment. She’s now a journalist at Atlas News and frequently covers stories on Overwatch and new similar heroes.

Eleven-year-old Efi Oladele had an interest in robotics and artificial intelligence ever since she was young. She received a grant from the Adawe Foundation, and used the money to buy parts to create Orisa as a protector of Numbani.

Antonio was a businessman and high-ranking Talon member. His real surname is unknown but he often went by the names Antonio Giordani and Antonio Bartalotti.

Ingrid has been married to Torbjörn for many years and was always supportive of him during his time in Overwatch. She always makes apple pie for Christmas; Brigitte and Mercy love it!

Akinjide Adeyemi was the second Doomfist. He was also a Talon member and war profiteer known as the Scourge of Numbani. The current Doomfist, Akande Ogundimu, was his protégé but later killed him.

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