Quiz: Can You Name These Old-School Comedy Legends?
Can You Name These Old-School Comedy Legends?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

In show business, the hardest thing to do, they say, is to make people laugh. It's easy to tug at heartstrings if you're a performer. Any audience will always relate to dramatic moments when they see it performed onstage, in film and on TV. It's also easy, they say, to pump up the audience's adrenaline by presenting action-packed stories. It's mighty easy to scare the pants off of people, too! Imagine the popularity of horror stories, and their timeless tactics of scaring people.

But comedy? Now that is a totally different planet altogether. They say it's really hard to tickle the funny bone of audiences, because different people respond to different types of humor. What a comedian considers funny might not be so funny to someone else. Some comedy gags or jokes might be offensive to certain groups or sectors. And the thing is, a comedian will not know which is funny, and which is not, to a given audience at a certain time!

Tough, eh? That's the job of a comedian, whether they're performing stand-up, acting in sitcoms, creating comedy movies or something else. That's why you can just imagine how great these old-school legends are, since they became classics in their field, and they became timeless and classic to boot.

So, can you name these very funny men and women from before? Some of them are still active today! Give it a try - and have fun, fun, fun!

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