Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Golfers from a One Sentence Description?
Can You Name These Famous Golfers from a One Sentence Description?
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

These famous golfers have done it all. They've won tournaments, perfected the art of swinging a golf club and reached millions of fans around the world because of their popularity. How much do you know about these famous golfers, though? Could you pass a quiz where you only get a single sentence description to find out which golfer it is? Here's your chance to find out! 

Golf is not only one of the most popular sports in the world; it's also one of the oldest. Golf has been around for centuries, but the modern game started to really develop in the 19th century. Since then, golfers have risen to fame by winning the most prestigious tournaments in the world. 

Of course, no tournaments are more important than the four majors, and the greatest golfers at least squeeze out a win or two when faced with the toughest competition. After all, that's what legends are made of. 

If you know everything about golf, here's your chance to test your knowledge on the most famous golfers the game has offered. That's if you're up for the challenge. If you think you are, then get started and put that golf knowledge to the test! 

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