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Pizza, Pisa, and Lamborghinis: Go! In this quiz, we're going to name three things, and you tell us which country they're associated with. It's not as easy as you think. Warning: You better know your national dishes.

Hamburgers, jazz, and just general awesomeness

General awesomeness aside, the USA is known for a lot of things. But there's nothing more American than a juicy burger.

Poutine, 10 provinces, and hockey

Traveling to Canada is worth it just for the poutine. French fries covered with gravy and cheese curds. What's not to like?

Pie floaters, the Outback, and Sydney

Australia is famous for many different things, and pie floaters are just one of them! It's basically meat pie in a bowl of green pea soup.

The Queen, Yorkshire pudding, and umbrellas

These are all things that are quite British. It's the country of beefy gravy.

Sombreros, Dia de los Muertos, and mole sauce

Well, that was obvious. Mole sauce is Mexico's most famous sauce, composed of nearly 100 ingredients.

Futbol, Rio de Janeiro, and feijoada

These things are all synonymous with Brazil. Feijoada is Brazil's most iconic dish, a stew of black beans and smoked beef or pork.

Anime, Katsudon, and bullet trains

Japan has plenty of anime and bullet trains. It also has Katsudon, a deep-fried pork cutlet topped with egg and condiments, over a bed of rice.

Classic music, Vienna, and Wiener schnitzel

Austria is the land of art, music, and wieners. The national dish is a very thin veal cutlet that's breaded and deep fried.

Oslo, fjords, and rakfish

There's nothing more Norway-like than the fjords. Also, salted and fermented fish is a delicacy.

Cardiff, princes, and Clark's pies

Did you know that Cardiff is the capital of Wales? Clarkies are savory meat pies that the Welsh live off of.

Abu Dhabi, shawarma, and the Persian Gulf

The good people of the UAE love their shawarma. The nation is majestically situated on the Persian Gulf.

Jamón Ibérico, bull fighting, and flamenco

Spain is all about bull-fighting and flamenco dancing. They also eat Jamón Ibérico, savory cured ham served with olives and bread!

Cape Town, Kruger National Park, and biltong

South Africa is a remarkable nation. They have quite the appetite for biltong, a cured meat that tastes like jerky.

Tartans, highlanders, and smoked salmon on brown bread

When it comes to Scotland, it's all about the highlanders. The national dish of Scotland is smoked salmon on brown bread.

Seoul, Banchan, and won

Did you know that the won is South Korea's currency? Koreans love their Banchan, a meal of small dishes, including kimchi.

The Red Sea, Mecca, and kabsah

Kabsah is a flavorful rice dish made with loads of different spices. In Saudi Arabia, they eat a lot of it.

Borscht, Putin, and the Red Square

Russians eat a lot of borscht. They wash it down with a lot of vodka. Enough said.

Renminbi, Beijing, and Xiaolongbao

The Chinese eat a lot of Xiaolongbao. Soup dumplings are the most memorable food in a country that has a lot of different cuisines!

Pizza, the Renaissance, and the Arno

Didn't we already establish that the national dish of Italy is pizza? In fact, Naples is the birthplace of pizza!

Hinduism, British colonialism, and tandoori chicken

India is so rich in history and culture, that it demands a quiz of its own. Tandoori chicken just happens to be the national dish.

Windmills, tulips, and soused herring

Did you know that Holland is really only a small portion of the Netherlands? That being said, they eat a lot of soused herring on a roll with onions.

The Nile, King Tut, and molokhia

Okay, is there anything more Egyptian than the Nile River and King Tut? The national dish is molokhia.

Zagreb, Paški sir cheese, and the Adriatic

Croatia is an extraordinarily beautiful country, rich in culture. The national dish of Paški sir is a hard sheep's cheese.

Beer, Moules-Frites, and Antwerp

Belgians love their Moules-Frites. This is simply a very smart combination of mussels and French fries.

Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, and asado

Argentina is famous for the building known as Casa Rosada. They also eat a lot of grilled meat!

Khachapuri, Tbilisi, and Gergeti Trinity Church

That was a hard one! You need to learn more about Georgia. They eat a lot of bread covered in bubbly cheese and egg.

Volcanic islands, Jakarta, and Martabak Manis

Indonesia is made of a series of volcanic islands. Their national dish is a sweet, thick Indonesian pancake.

Kuala Lampur, Borneo, and nasi lemak

There is so much to discover in Malaysia. Especially the rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf.

Lisbon, beaches, and francesinha

Portugal is a country rich in beauty and culture. The little Frenchie is a Portuguese sandwich made with ham and steak, and topped with cheese and tomato sauce.

Bratislava, the Danube River, and potato dumplings

Slovakia is yet another gorgeous Central European country. The national dish, Bryndzove Halusky, consists of potato dumplings covered in soft cheese.

Varenyky, Orthodox churches, and Kiev

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. The national dish, Varenyky, is dumplings stuffed with mashed potato, cheese, sauerkraut, and meat.

Ljubljana, Lake Bled, and Kranjska klobasa

In Slovenia, they eat a lot of Kranjska klobasa. This is a pork sausage similar to kielbasa, but smaller.

Caracas, Sierra Nevada National Park, and pabellon criollo

Never been to Venezuela? You simply have to go. Their national dish is rice with stewed black beans and shredded meat. This is served with a fried egg and plantain.

Napoleon, pot-au-feu, and Normandy

These things are all quite French. As are smoking, French kissing, and crepes.

Ackee and saltfish, Bob Marley, and Kingston

There's Jamaica in a nutshell. This island nation is famous for its music, great food, and laidback feel.

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