Quiz: Can You Name These Classic Cars from the '50s through '70s?
Can You Name These Classic Cars from the '50s through '70s?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Bike_Maverick/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Every decade throws up some special vehicles. Think of the early 1900s, almost the dawn of time when it comes to motoring. The Model T, the brainchild of Henry Ford revolutionized motoring for the man in the street. Thanks to Ford's brilliance, average Joes now had a way to afford a motor vehicle.

That made the Model T a classic for sure! 

And a classic car is not only about its practicality. Sometimes it's simply how beautiful it is. In that regard, the 1930s threw up some of the greatest designs ever seen, the Duesenberg SJ, the Jaguar SS Roadster and the Cord Phaeton. All of these vehicles are simply stunning even by today's design standards.

But what about the 1950s to the 1970s? What classic cars can we find in those three decades? Well, the answer is plenty! Think about it, the '50s had beautiful British and Italian sports cars, the 60's howling muscle cars, and the 1970s saw the birth of the sports car with Ferrari and Lamborghini leading the pack. No matter which decade you pick, there are many classic cars to choose from.

Let's see if you can identify them from just an image! 

Good luck!

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