Quiz: Can You Name These Classic '80s Toys From a Photo?
Can You Name These Classic '80s Toys From a Photo?
By: Craig
Image: Media Library

About This Quiz

If it was a few days before Christmas and you didn't have the Cabbage Patch Kid you promised your child, you were in deep trouble. Although there's no price one can put on a child's smile, the black market value of these $30 dolls went to $75 and into the triple digits! 

And what about those parents who bought the Oopsy Daisy Doll, which launched in 1988 and sold out quickly for Christmas? The dolls themselves would crawl and fall over, but unfortunately, they had numerous problems with their heads, which were prone to fall off. The expression on a child's face after that wasn't exactly Norman Rockwell.

But if you were a kid during the '80s, the world was bangin' with the best toys ever. Whether your parents took you to the corner toy store, Toys "R" Us or FAO Schwarz, your eyes would light up seeing Pound Puppies, or the favorite toy among boys, He-Man, and those irresistible Beanie Babies. And everyone spent hours building walls, castles and stairways with Legos. 

What was amazing was the staying power of these toys. Many of them spawned cartoon series and movies. Now it's time to recall the best years of your childhood where all you had to do was play with your toys and stay out of harm's way. Take the quiz now and enjoy a bit of nostalgia. 

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