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As a Canadian, it's essential to know who is running your country, province/territory or even your city. As a citizen, you even have the right to vote on the party and representative that you believe is best for what you'd like to see change within your area. In order vote, it's important to know the people who run the country and it's smaller areas, as well as those that work with them. Do you think you're an expert on Canadian politicians?

Canada has had more than 22 Prime Ministers in its more than 150 years, which may seem like a small number. This is because, in Canada, there is no limit to how long a Prime Minister can serve, but there's a federal election around every four years. If a Prime Minister stays the leader of their party and continues to be reelected, they can remain in office for quite a while. One example is William Lyon Mackenzie King, who spent over 21 years in total as the Prime Minister of Canada, the longest of anyone in the office.

Have you studied up on the Prime Ministers and leaders of Canada's past and present? Then get ready to show what you know on this quiz!

He was a member of the Reform Party and later became head of the Progressive Conservatives. Which politician is shown here?

Stephen Harper jumped from party to party at first, later deciding to stick with becoming the leader of the Progressive Conservatives. This move resulted in him being elected as Prime Minister. Did you know that when he was growing up, he wanted to work for the United Nations?

The 20th Prime Minister of Canada is shown here. Can you name him?

The leader of the Liberal Party at the time of his election, Jean Chretien spent two terms as Prime Minister. Under Pierre Elliot Trudeau, he was also part of the Cabinet serving as the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, which has since been dissolved and is now known as the Minister of Natural Resources.

Shown here is which Prime Minister who spent three years in office?

While he served a short term in office, that's not all of the experience that Paul Martin had. He was a Minister of Finance under Jean Chretien and today involves himself in other finance issues with Canada's Ecofiscal Commission.

The 18th Premier of Alberta is shown here. Do you know what his name is?

Jason Kenney took on the role as Premier in 2019 on behalf of the United Conservative Party. He has spent many years as a minister in the Senate under Stephen Harper, most notably as the fourth person to take on the role of a Minister of Multiculturalism.

Prince Edward Island's 33rd Premier is shown here. Who is he?

Denis King led his Conservative Party to a win in 2019, in Prince Edward Island. As an expert in the area of communications, he still runs communications businesses within the province today.

Do you know who this politician, a leader during the Great Depression, is?

During his time as Prime Minister, Richard Bennett did many things. One of those was to create the CRBC, which is now more commonly known as the CBC. He was also succeeded by William Lyon Mackenzie King, who was in office before him.

The Premier shown here is the brother of a former Mayor of Toronto. Can you name him?

Becoming the Premier of Ontario in 2018, Doug Ford is part of the Progressive Conservative Party. Before he and the Conservatives were elected, the province was under Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Party.

Who is this politician who fathered another Prime Minister?

Pierre Elliott Trudeau was known as the leader of the Liberal Party and spent a total of 15 years in office. One of the many famous moments in Pierre Trudeau's career is when he did a pirouette behind the Queen, which was famously photographed.

Among a few others who spent the least time as Prime Minister, can you guess who the person pictured here is?

Joe Clark was in office just short of nine months as the leader of the Progressive Conservatives before Pierre Trudeau took office once again. That didn't stop Joe Clark, who continued his leadership of the Progressive Conservatives for three years after that.

Pictured here is the first Prime Minister of Canada. What is his name?

Taking part in the Confederation of Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald and his Conservative Party became the first to be in power in the country. However, it didn't come without problems, as Sir John A. MacDonald eventually resigned when word got out about bribes.

This politician took office after Sir Laurier, but do you know who he is?

Did you know that Sir Robert Borden was first part of the Liberal Party before disagreeing with them and changing to join the Conservative Party? After his switch, he was elected to be the leader which lead to him being elected as the next Prime Minister of Canada.

This leader in Newfoundland and Labrador goes by ...?

Dwight Ball became the Premier in 2015 after a defeat of the Conservatives who were in power before. Known around Newfoundland and Labrador to be highly involved with the community, he is especially recognized in his contributions for seniors.

Among some of the first to be in office is this person known by which of the following?

Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Liberal Party were respected at the time for many reasons. Instead of leaning more toward the French or the English, Sir Laurier worked to create a happy medium between the two groups.

Can you name the former leader of the NDP pictured here?

Many politicians were lawyers before switching over, and Tom Mulcair was no exception. One unique fact about Tom Mulcair is that he was the first NDP representative to ever be elected in Quebec.

British Columbia's Premier since 2017 is who shown here?

John Horgan, who is part of the NDP, has been representing the province of British Columbia since 2017. Before becoming a leader of the party, he worked a few different jobs within the government.

Born in the United States, she's the leader of a Canadian party. Who is she?

Elizabeth May represents the Green Party in more ways than one. While she is a leader of the party, she was also elected as an MP in an area of Vancouver Island. She was also the first representative of the party to be voted in as an MP.

The person pictured here is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, but what is his name?

Born in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau's father was Pierre Elliott Trudeau, another Prime Minister of Canada. He has completed many firsts in his life, such as being the first Prime Minister to have been born in Ottawa.

Do you know this Liberal Premier in the Yukon?

Sandy Silver became the Premier of the Yukon in 2016, taking half of the seats. Despite taking on the job of Premier, he's also a minister in two areas while the rest of his Cabinet handles the other minister positions.

After starting out as a lawyer, he became a leader of one of Canada's biggest parties. Can you name him?

Jagmeet Singh is a leader of the New Democratic Party who first took over leadership in 2017. He's a representative of the Burnaby South riding in Vancouver, and he secured his seat in the House of Commons after being elected.

Who spent the most time in office out of any other Prime Minister?

Very smart in many different areas, Mackenzie King was found to be much different in private than he was to the public after the release of his unfinished memoirs. One example was his fascination with the paranormal. He was known to hold seances in order to communicate with the dead.

Do you know which persevering person is pictured here?

John Diefenbaker was elected as the leader of the Conservative 20 years after his venture into politics. A year later, he was elected as Prime Minister. He's often praised for his appointment of the first female Cabinet minister in Canada, which was Ellen Fairclough.

Who is shown here and is important in the Maritimes?

A long-time leader of the Liberal Party in the province of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil was first elected as Premier in 2013. Before he had his start in politics, he owned a small business in Nova Scotia.

The first female to take office was which person pictured here?

Kim Campbell started off her political career as the Chair of the Vancouver School Board, later joining the BC Social Credit Party. When she became Prime Minister, she was the leader of the Progressive Conservatives, taking over for Brian Mulroney.

He was elected twice in the 1920s, but what is his name?

Serving twice in office and twice as the leader of the Conservative Party, Arthur Meighen was not elected during his second run as the leader in the 1940s. After this, he decided to go back to his roots and practice law once again.

Pictured here is a Prime Minister who received a Nobel Peace Prize. Can you guess who he is?

Lester B. Pearson received his Nobel Peace Prize in relation to the Suez Crisis. He played a major role in dissolving the conflict and was recognized for this work. He was part of the Liberal Party and was Prime Minister for five years.

This politician spent just over two months in office. Do you know who he is?

Known for spending the shortest time as Prime Minister out of anyone else in office, Sir Charles Tupper started his career as the Premier of Nova Scotia. In addition to that, he's also served in Cabinet numerous time under different minister positions.

Who took over after the retirement of the leader of his party?

Louis St. Laurent became the new leader of the Liberal Party after the retirement of Mackenzie King, who was happy to see him as his successor. Continuing the reign of the Liberals, Louis St. Laurent was voted into office in 1948.

Which of the many Johns who were Prime Minister is shown here?

Taking office after the retirement of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, John Turner took over for the Liberal Party for the remaining time that they held office. Despite Trudeau resigning so that the Liberal Party had a chance at reelection, they were defeated even with John Turner as their representative at the next election.

Though born in England, he became the Prime Minister of Canada. Can you name him?

Mackenzie Bowell succeeded Conservative Prime Minister John Thompson after his unfortunate death while in office. Even after his time as Prime Minister, he continued his political career within the Senate, where he had worked prior.

Who shown here had a successful election that he won with flying colours?

More Canadians supported the Liberals at this time of Alexander Mackenzie than any other Canadian party in history. Despite this, at the end of his term, he and the Liberal Party were defeated by the Conservative Party.

One of only five Premiers in Nunavut is pictured here. Do you know who he is?

Joe Savikataaq sits as an independent who was elected as Premier in 2018. As it only reached official territory status in 1999, this was the first time that the territory voted on a new Premier as Nunavut.

Who was third to serve in the Prime Minister's office?

This Conservative leader spent just over a year in office after the death of his predecessor, Sir John A. MacDonald. He and the Conservatives were popular in the nation as they won the majority of the by-elections that were held during the term.

Name the person who became a leader of the Conservatives in 2017?

Despite being born in Ottawa, Andrew Scheer became an MP for the riding of Regina-Qu'Appelle in Saskatchewan. Did you know that he was the youngest Speaker of the House of Commons in Canada's history?

This person became the leader of the Coalition Avenir Quebec in 2011. Do you know who he is?

Before Francois Legault got into politics, he worked for a few big brands and even founded his own. One of these companies is Air Transat, which has become a large flight company within Canada.

Which of the following who became the Premier of Manitoba is shown here?

Though becoming a leader of the Conservatives in Manitoba in 2012, he became a leader of the opposition until 2016 when he was voted in. Did you know that outside of politics, he's also very gifted at curling?

If you're from New Brunswick, chances are that you've seen this face a few times. Do you know who it is?

The 34th Premier in New Brunswick, Blaine Higgs is part of the Conservative Party. Once he was sworn in as Premier, did you know that he became the oldest Premier to ever take office in New Brunswick?

Which person pictured here is part of the Saskatchewan Party?

Before becoming Premier, Scott Moe held a few Minister positions in the Cabinet. Upon the retirement of his predecessor, Brad Wall, Scott Moe took on his position and was elected as Premier in 2018.

After serving for almost ten years as Prime Minister, he retired before the end of his last term. Who is it?

Brian Mulroney served two terms as Prime Minister but was faced with a recession during the second term. He retired as he reached the close of the second term, leaving Kim Campbell to fill in. He's also the father of two other famous Canadians, Ben Mulroney, a TV host, and Caroline Mulroney, a politician in her own right.

What familiar face in the North is shown here?

In the Northwest Territories, Bob McLeod became Premier in 2011. As an independent, he defeated the previous Conservative government that was head of the territory and has held the position for more than 8 years.

Do you know this former Premier of Nova Scotia?

Just before the turn of the century, John Abbott and the Conservatives were elected, but after his retirement, the job went to Thompson. John Thompson also served the role of Prime Minister and as Attorney General, but unfortunately, he passed away while in office.

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