Can You Name These Canadian Junk Food Items From an Image?

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Every region of the world has their own unique type of junk food. Some of these include potato chips, chocolate bars, donuts, and toffee candy. But no kind of junk food gets more unique that Canada. The United States and other parts of the world certainly have variations of Canadian junk food, but Canada will always be a prime food spot for creating innovative and timeless treats.

Canada has introduced a variety of junk foods with interesting flavor profiles. Some popular ones include Coffee Crisp, Tim Bits, Mars Bars and Oh Henry! The beloved poutine is also a staple in Canada, as this type of junk food features a plate of french fries that are smothered in gravy, cheese curds and a variety of other toppings. Canadian junk food also features exciting names, such as Beaver Tails. These flatbread-like pastries are small in size and come in a variety of toppings and spreads.

If you love junk food, you'll love guessing all the different types of junk food in our Canadian junk food quiz. Think you can tell the difference between a Dairy Milk Bar from a Sweet Marie candy bar? Or how about the difference between Lay's Ketchup Chips and Poutine-flavored potato chips? Try your hand at this quiz to test your knowledge!

What's the name of these stuffed cakes that are layered with frosty icing?

Popular in school lunches, Joe Louis snack cakes are comprised of two small cakes that are sandwiched together between a layer of icing. The cakes are also smothered in chocolate.

Can you name this hickory-flavored hybrid of potato chips and french fries?

Part potato chip, part french fry, Hickory Sticks combine the best of both of these worlds. These crunchy chips that look like french fries have a distinct smoky flavor to them as well.

This type of candy is said to taste like soap. What's the name of it?

This purple gum has a distinct rosewater flavor to it that is reminiscent of dish soap. This gum is created in London, Ontario.

What's the name of these maple leaf-shaped cookies that actually taste like maple syrup?

These cookies are created with real maple syrup and are shaped to look like actual maple leaves. Each cookie also says "Dare" on it.

Can you name these ketchup-flavored potato chips?

These ketchup-flavored potato chips made quite a storm in Canada due to their unique taste. These potato chips are also vibrant red in color and are said to stain hands and clothes.

Can you name this chocolate bar that has a rich coffee flavor in it?

Coffee crisps are chocolate bars that have layers of coffee-flavored wafers in them. These were created in 1939 by Nestle.

These potato chips have layers of flavor in them, including sugar and BBQ. Can you name them?

The phrase "all dressed" refers to the multitude of ingredients that these chips have. Some of these flavors include onions, tomatoes, BBQ and vinegar... all in a single chip!

What is this Canadian-version of the Butterfinger chocolate bar?

Reminiscent of the American Butterfinger chocolate bar, the Crispy Crunch offers a salty chocolate flavor with layers of crispy filling. The resounding peanut butter flavors keep fans coming back for more.

What's the name of this creamy toffee candy?

Mackintosh’s Toffee combines both caramel and toffee flavors in one bite for a rich flavor profile. This candy was also originally created in England.

These chocolate eggs have a surprise toy in them. What's the name of this candy?

Kinder Surprise Eggs actually have a surprise in them, which can include many different kinds of toys. Each egg is also thin in texture and tastes like milk chocolate.

What's the name of this nutty, peanut butter-flavored chocolate bar?

The Sweet Marie candy bar consists of layers of peanut butter, nuts and chocolate. This is also created by the Cadbury company.

Can you name these bite-sized donut holes?

Tim Bits are small donut holes with a variety of sweet flavors. These are created by the Tim Horton's company.

This chocolate bar is one of the most popular in all of Canada. Can you name it?

Mr. Big candy bars have layers of wafers and nuts in them, which are smothered in milk chocolate. These are created by the Cadbury company.

These bars have layers of coconut and chocolate-flavored graham crackers. Do you know what it is?

Nanaimo Bars are a Canadian Christmas dessert that contains layers of coconut and graham crackers that have a chocolate flavor. Custard and extra chocolate are also added for a richer flavor.

Can you name this peanut butter-filled chocolate bar?

Wunderbars contain a rich peanut butter filling that is covered in milk chocolate. These are known as the Butterfingers of Canada.

Can you name these chocolate-covered malt balls?

Maltesers are rich malt-covered chocolate bars that are a staple on the junk food list of Canada. These were created in England.

Can you name these hand-stretched desserts that come in a variety of toppings?

Beaver tails look like mini flatbreads, but come in a variety of sweet flavors. Some have a chocolate spread while others are topped with banana slices.

Can you name this creamy Canadian "soda mousse?"

Crush Cream Soda is also known as "soda mousse" because of its rich, creamy texture. The iconic purple can is also easy to spot on shelves.

What is the name of these buttery Canadian tarts?

Butter tarts are individual-sized servings of butter-flavored tarts. These also look like mini-pies, but without the layer of crust on top.

Can you name these smothered french fries that are a staple in Canada?

Poutine is a favorite among the people of Canada, and with good reason. The plate of french fries contains heaps of gravy and cheese curds, as well as a variety of other toppings.

Can you name this quintessential mac and cheese dinner in Canada?

You might recognize the name Kraft, but know that Kraft Dinners are very different in Canada. These gourmet-style mac and cheese dinners are considered to be of much high quality than the American version.

These dill pickle-flavored chips are quite popular in Canada. Can you name them?

Lay's Dill Pickle Chips have a distinct pickle flavor to them that makes them beloved in Canada. They have also made a limited appearance in the United States.

What's the name of this chocolate bar that contains raised squares?

The Yorkie candy bar contains raised squares of chocolate, and other kinds of flavors. Some of these include dark chocolate and honeycomb.

This chocolate bar is reminiscent of traditional Turkish delight. Can you name it?

This popular Canadian chocolate bar contains heaps of Turkish Delight flavors. It iscreated by Nestle.

What's the name of this chocolate bar that contains air bubbles?

Aero chocolate bars contain tiny bubbles that create an airy texture. These are created by Nestle.

These chips come in flavors like poutine and maple bacon. Can you name them?

PC Chips offer a variety of Canadian flavors, such as poutine, maple bacon and Canadian burger. Each bag contains 200 grams of chips.

This brand of ice cream is native to Canada and offers a variety of interesting flavors. Can you name it?

President's Choice ice cream is a Canadian brand that offers many different sweet ice cream flavors. Some of these include sprinkle party cake and strawberry shortcake.

What is the name of these toffee-flavored chocolate bars?

Crunchies are a type of chocolate bar that contains a rich toffee flavor. These have a distinct honeycomb texture as well.

What's the name of these caramel-centered chocolate squares?

Caramilk candy bars are chocolate squares that contain a creamy caramel filling. These are created by the Cadbury company.

Name these chocolate-covered, circular candies.

These aren't the same kind of Smarties that are available in the United States. The Smarties in Canada contain chocolate-covered candies that are packaged in a distinct blue box.

Name this chocolate bar, which contains toffee and nuts.

Eat-More chocolate bars contain a mixture of chocolate, nuts and toffee. The toffee is dark and chewy and in texture.

These chocolate-covered whipped candies have a cult following in Canada. Can you name them?

Whippets contain a creamy whipped filing that is inside a shell of chocolate. The whipped filling also contains addictive marshmallow flavors.

What's the name of this wheat-based, square shaped cereal?

Shreddies cereals are made of 100% whole grain wheat. Each yellow box contains hundreds of delicious, square-shaped cereal that features small weaves of wheat.

Name this chocolate bar that is flaky in texture.

Flake Bars are unique because of their flaky, crumbly texture. These chocolate candy bars are produced by the Cadbury company.

This brand of peanut butter is only native to Canada. Can you name it?

You might recognize the brand Kraft from the iconic blue mac and cheese dinner boxes, but in Canada, Kraft also produces peanut butter. Both crunchy and smooth textures are available.

This chocolate bar is primarily made with milk. Can you name it?

As the name of this candy bar implies, Dairy Milk is made primarily with real milk. This gives the chocolate squares a smooth and creamy texture.

What is the Canadian version of Cheetos called?

Similar to Cheetos in the United States, Cheezies are airy puffs that are coated with cheese-flavored powder. These puffs are also made with aged cheddar.

Name these chewy candies that are shaped like berries.

Similar in taste and texture to Swedish Fish, Swedish Berries feature a distinct berry shape with a slightly chewy texture. These are red in color and taste like gummy candy.

This type of ice cream has a cult following in Ontario. Can you name the brand?

Chapman's Ice Cream is produced in Ontario and features flavors like original chocolate ripple and original orange pineapple. This company also produces ice cream that is peanut free.

Can you name the brand behind these canned noodles?

Heinz canned noodle products feature noodles in a flavorful marinara sauce.

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