Quiz: Can You Name These Cakes from a Photo?
Can You Name These Cakes from a Photo?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Your preferred cake says so much about you. Are you an equal-opportunity cake eater? Or are you one who enjoys a simple and soul-satisfying buttery slice of pound cake? Perhaps you love more than a rich taste within a single bite. If so, a scrumptious slice of spice cake would do the trick. Or are you someone who enjoys a little cake with your frosting -- where the ideal ratio is 1 to 1? If so, the Esterházy torte with chocolate buttercream sandwiched between four layers of sponge cake might be perfect for you. 

No matter what your cake personality is, the history of cake baking is fascinating in and of itself. A taste for sweetness is a part of human history. According to food historians, the ancient Egyptians were the first to show evidence of advanced baking skills. The first cakes started with bread sweetened with honey, nuts and dried fruits. Today, the various types and piping-designed cakes are so numerous, you may have to ponder the choices with a sweet treat nearby. Whether you are a cake connoisseur or have a fondness for all things sweet, take a quiz that will tantalize your taste buds. When you're done, head to your nearest bakery for that slice of perfection.

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What light and fluffy cake is this?
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It's the color that gives this one away. What tempting cake is this?
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It's healthy, except for the calories. What is it?
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This one takes a special pan. What is it?
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What's the name of this delectable cake?
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You'll have to roll with this one. What is it?
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What is the name of the cake pictured?
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A Passover favorite. What is it?
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What scrumptious cake is this?
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Is a tall glass of cold milk a requisite to your cake eating? Then you'll love this milky cake.
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What's the name of this velvety beauty?
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The mouth-feel on this one will keep a smile on your face. What is it?
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This one doesn't taste nutty at all. What is it?
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Full of old-world comfort, what cake is this?
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Simplicity is best when you use the best ingredients. What type of cake is this?
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This sweet treat puts smiles on the ​faces of kids (and adults). What is it?
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What German-inspired treat is this?
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Looking for a cake that isn't the height of sweetness? You'll find it in this picture. What's its name?
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Simple, rich and dense. What is it?
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This is an Easter Cake. Which one is it?
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It is visually stunning and also scrumptious. What cake is it?
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If you tasted this once, you'll never forget it. What's the name of this cake?
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A favorite dessert for those who like chocolate and coconut. What is the name of this cake?
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What is the name of this very versatile and flavorful cake?
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Decadent is the key word here. Which cake is being described?
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Depending on the chef, you may need to take a breathalyzer before driving home. Which cake is this?
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This is a very organized cake. What is it?
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A cake with a kick. Which one is this?
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This one is rolled in coconut. Which one is it?
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Cake and coffee go together so well. No wonder this cake is a hit worldwide. Which one is it?
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Looking for a light, sweet dessert. Look no further. What cake is this?
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It's hard to keep consciousness once you taste this cake. What is it?
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This cake is baked for ceremonial occasions. Which cake is this?
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There may be jokes made about this cake, but a true baker can make it mouth-watering. What cake is this?
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What yummy treat is this?
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You'll want to steal this one. What is it?
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Final question before you let them eat cake. What is the name of this cake?
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