Quiz: Can You Name These Biblical Women From a Single-Sentence Description?
Can You Name These Biblical Women From a Single-Sentence Description?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Joseph Elmaleh

About This Quiz

The Bible is a unique document in that its narrative doesn't revolve around a single character or hero the way many stories do, but is a collection of stories that take place in the same world and have to do with the same culture. As a result, the Bible has many heroes, many villains, and many supporting characters. Lists of these characters are long, and out of context it is hard to put a name to a face. Scholars spend their lives picking apart who these characters are and what they mean to the overall story of the Bible, and even some of those scholars cannot name all the characters in the Bible.

Most of the biblical characters are men, but there are plenty of women in the Bible. How well do you know them? When you think of heroes who sacrifice for their faith, how often do you think of women from the Bible? Do you know many women beyond the central female characters? Could you identify them from a brief sentence describing them in a few crucial details? Could you go toe to toe with a biblical expert and identify all the women of the Bible? Well now is your chance! Take the quiz!

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She was the mother of Jesus. Who is she?
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She was the first woman. Who is she?
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She had the same name as Jesus's mother, and some people think she was a prostitute. Who is she?
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This half-sister of Abraham is the only female character in the Bible whose age is recorded. Who is she?
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She was the mother of Esau. Who is she?
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She was the second wife of Jacob. Who is she?
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She was Jacob's first wife. Who is she?
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She was Aaron's sister. Who is she?
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She was a judge who motivated a battle with the Canaanites. Who is she?
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She was Elkanah's wife. Who is she?
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She married David after his wife died. Who is she?
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She was the wife of Shullum. Who is she?
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She was Hosea's wife, and considered promiscuous. Who is she?
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Her son was John The Baptist. Who is she?
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She was married to Manoah. Who is she?
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She was a daughter of Ishmael. Who is she?
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This woman took care of Jesus. Who is she?
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She was Moses's wife. Who is she?
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She was Leah's handmaid. Who is she?
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She was Haman's wife. Who is she?
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She is the biblical reason Jewish women are allowed to inherit. Who is she?
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She tricked her father-in-law into getting her pregnant. Who is she?
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She had a row with Syntyche. Who is she?
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She was a prestigious city-builder. Who is she?
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She was Ananias's wife. Who is she?
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She really didn't like John the Baptist. Who is she?
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She is the mother of Armoni. Who is she?
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When Peter came knocking, she didn't open the door. Who is she?
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When she was asked to show off, she refused, and was divorced. Who is she?
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She was married to Elimelech. Who is she?
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She was the first wife of David. Who is she?
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She was the first Christian convert in Europe. Who is she?
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She married Esau and changed her name. Who is she?
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She was Joseph's wife. Who is she?
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She was a concubine of Abraham. Who was she?
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