Quiz: Can You Name These '90s Sports Movies?
Can You Name These '90s Sports Movies?
By: Olivia C
Image: Columbia Pictures

About This Quiz

The 1990s were a great time of intersections for many eras in society, locally and worldwide. The world was changing a lot during those times, and those changes influenced many parts of our culture. Societies also had to adapt to many of these changes. And the adaptations are cool and accepted, mostly.

One sector that embraced changing times gladly is the entertainment sector. Be it film, TV, music or any other kind of entertainment venue, the world of show business always welcomed many innovations and developments. That's because, as part of the arts world as well, the entrepreneurs of this sector are also artists. Art always reflects the changing times, records the sentiments of an era, and provides humor and comfort by offering familiar stories and characters to people who may need it in real life.

For the reel life of the '90s, it was a curious observation to see that there were so many great sports films that came out of this era. Sports, too, was at the cusp of so many changes back then, and it's but natural that the film world captured that and preserved that, through cinematic stories.

So, do you think you can name many of these interesting '90s sports movies? Most of them became cinematic classics outside of this category. Try your hand at it, and play nicely! 

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