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Growing up in the '90s meant a lot of things. You probably had a choker chain around your neck and sampled from fashion statements from decades' past, but you also watched some pretty iconic television shows. Among these shows were the situation comedies that changed the way we look at the world. Not only did we all want to move to New York after we saw how much fun the friends on "Friends" were having, we also started to embrace our honesty and judgment when we got into "Seinfeld." All of the great sitcoms of the '90s had one thing in common: excellent characters. However, it wasn't just the main characters that made these shows so great. The side characters, recurring characters and b-characters really added to each show's allure (and success). If you grew up in the '90s or you just loved watching TV during that decade, you know who Newman and Marcel are. These side characters changed the game for sitcoms in the '90s and they were just as memorable as any main character. 

If you think you're an expert on '90s sitcoms, let's see if you can name all of these shows if we only give you three random characters. 

Let's start out with an easy one. Which show had a quirky guy named Al, a beauty named Lisa and a smart neighbor named Wilson?

"Tool Time" was the name of the show that Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor starred on in the show, "Home Improvement." This show took on tough topics​ but mostly focused on the comedy.


Gunther, Estelle and Fun Bobby were all random characters on which famous show?

"Friends" was one of the most popular TV sitcoms of the 1990s. Even those who weren't huge fans of the show know a little bit about Ross and Rachel's on again, off again relationship that lasted the entire series.


This show had a bully named Harley, a neighbor named George and a dean named Lila. What show is it?

"Boy Meets World" was a coming-of-age show that responded to the success of "The Wonder Years." Producers even cast Fred Savage's younger brother Ben as the lead, Corey Matthews.


Yetta, Niles and Sylvia are all characters who interacted with Ms. Fine on what sitcom?

"The Nanny" was the epitome of '90s sitcoms. It starred Fran Drescher as Fran Fine, a cosmetics saleswoman who became the nanny for a wealthy New York man "by accident."


The main character on this show has a boss named Montgomery, a neighbor named Ned and a friend named Lenny. What show is it?

"The Simpsons" was the first commercially successful animated sitcom, and it still reigns high in the stats. The show has been running for nearly 30 years. While producers considered stopping, fan response was overwhelming and the show is still going strong.


Oswald, Nigel and Mimi are all characters on which sitcom?

Before hosting "The Price is Right," comedian Drew Carey had his own show. The show's success lasted for nine years and had some memorable episodes that involved antagonist Mimi Bobeck torturing Drew.


Which sitcom had characters named Kyle, Overton and Synclaire?

"Living Single" starred Queen Latifah, Kim Coles and a host of other excellent actors. The show only ran for about five years, but it showed that single life in New York was the same all around the board.


Randall, Paul and Carter were characters who interacted with Michael J. Fox in which '90s sitcom?

"Spin City" was a sitcom about the inner workings of politics. It starred Michael J. Fox as the deputy mayor of New York City ... that is, until Fox chose to end his career due to health issues. He was replaced by Charlie Sheen in 2001.


The main character on this show interacted with Jazz, Geoffrey and Phillip a lot. Which sitcom is it?

Before "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," most shows centered around African-Americans showed them living modest lives. This show broke the mold but still had an essence of the tough life as the main character, Will Smith, comes from lowered means.


Six, Buzz and Wendy were all characters on which show starring Mayim Bialik?

"Blossom" showed young girls in the early to mid-1990s that being intelligent didn't mean getting​ beat up. You could have it all: brains, beauty and comedy. While the show sent a great message, it only did so for five years.


Don, Mamie and Mary are all characters on this show. What is it?

Even if you didn't like "3rd Rock From the Sun" in the '90s, if you look back on the show, you realize it was genius. A group of aliens land on Earth and hilarity ensues. While it only lasted about five years, the show's storylines​ had many memorable moments.


This show had a neighbor named Kimmy, a love interest named Rebecca and a dog named Comet. What sitcom is it?

"Full House" was a dramatic sitcom that shed light on the fact that even "broken" families could be caring, loving and supportive. The show was so successful that they even rebooted it, bringing all of the characters back in a Netflix Original Series called "Fuller House."


The main characters on which show knew Karen, Jack and Rosario well?

The '90s were all about breaking molds. What better way to do that than to bring in a gay main character? "Will & Grace" was groundbreaking and it showed off the fact that people are people, no matter what their race, religion or sexual orientation. The show was recently rebooted with the original cast.


The three children on this show were named Eddie, Laura and Judy. Which show is it?

No one would ever forget the nerdy Steve Urkel played by Jaleel White. He quickly became the face of "Family Matters," and though the show attempted to follow the Winslow family, Urkel was a staple in their household.


Zelda, Hilda and Harvey were very close to the main character on which '90s sitcom?

Though the latest reboot of "Sabrina" is much darker, this lighthearted version gave way to many more antics and fun. "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" starred Melissa Joan Hart and included all of the same characters you love and know from every version of the show.


Three love interests on this show were Dan, David and Mark. What show is it?

"Roseanne" was a groundbreaking show that showed what family really means in the middle class. We don't always get along but we are always there for each other. This show really took into account what blue collar life was all about: family and trying to pay the bills.


This reboot of "The Brady Bunch" had characters named Frank, Karen and Cody. Can you name the sitcom?

"Step by Step" was a '90s version of "The Brady Bunch." Two families were brought together, but instead of immediately getting along, they fought over ... pretty much everything. Not only were these two families from different social statuses, they were from different worlds.


Can you name the sitcom that included characters like Lisa, Roger and Tia?

"Sister, Sister" is about twin sisters separated at birth who end up meeting each other by chance. As with most sitcoms of the '90s, there is a series of odd events that leads the mom of one of the sisters to move in with the other sister's dad ... because that's just how the '90s were.


Ira, Fran and Dr. Devanow were all characters on which romantic '90s sitcom?

Documentary filmmaker Paul and his wife Jamie, a public relations specialist, spend about seven years working on their marriage and giving relationship advice. The show was all about being a couple in New York (unlike many '90s sitcoms, which were about being single in New York).


Which sitcom family included Robert, Ally and Frank?

The quirky comedy, "Everybody Loves Raymond," is about a sports writer and his family. The show centers around what Ray and his wife Debbie deal with living right next door to Ray's parents.


This American sitcom stole people's hearts and included characters like Bill, Joe and Jimmy. What show was it?

The large cast of odd and fun characters on "NewsRadio" show off the antics that were involved in running a New York radio station in the '90s. The humor on this show was sarcastic and the show has been deemed ahead of its time by most people who look back on it.


Geneva, Earvin and P.J. were all characters on which '90s sitcom?

Mr. Cooper is a basketball coach in Oakland. The former NBA star apparently likes to hang out with his roommate and friends ... that must be why they call the show "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper."


Which sitcom included a friend named Pamela, a love interest named Gina and hairdresser named Sheneneh?

In "Martin," Martin Lawrence stars as a radio talk show host who probably wouldn't pass by today's standards. He's sexist and rude, and he has a tendency to make fun of his girlfriend's friends.


Kitty, Larry and Jane all knew the main characters on which sitcom?

What happens when a flower child meets a Harvard graduate? Love ... apparently. In "Dharma & Greg," the two main characters come from different walks of life but they are so in love, everything else is just pure comedy.


Can you name the sitcom that included characters like Artie, Hank and Beverly?

Garry Shandling decided to create a show about what happens after his talk show ... and so "The Larry Sanders Show" was born. This show highlights the behind-the-scenes antics and generally had actors playing themselves in the episodes.


Which short-lived sitcom included characters like Yvette, Alicia and Morris?

"Smart Guy" was a short-lived show about a 10-year-old boy who was ... well, smart. T.J. Henderson (Tahj Mowry) attempts to live a normal life while honing his talents. In this series, this proves harder than it sounds.


Lydia, Stanley and Lovita could all be found on which '90s sitcom?

"The Steve Harvey Show" is all about a washed-up R&B singer of the fictional band, Steve Hightower and the High Tops, who needs to find a real job. Why not teach? Sure, that's easy to do ... right?


Stuart, Phil and Audrey are all characters on which sitcom?

"Murphy Brown" was a show that you watched just to see what would happen ... not in the show, but politically. It was the first show to feature a single working mother. When U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle criticized the show during one of his speeches, the show responded by making fun of his spelling skills during one of its episodes.


On which sitcom could you find Quentin, Dougie and Floyd?

"Grace Under Fire" was another show about a single mom. This one, however, was divorced and a little more hotheaded than Murphy Brown. Grace Kelly (Brett Butler) is a little cruder (kind of like Roseanne) and not at all apologetic about her situation.


Whitley, Dwayne and Ron were all main characters on which "The Cosby Show" spin-​off?

"A Different World" is a spin-off​ of "The Cosby Show." The show follows Denise Huxtable through college where she has a divorced roommate and some quirky friends.


Can you name the sitcom that included Deirdre, Dupree and White Mike?

Shawn and Marlon Wayans star in this fun sitcom about two brothers (also named Shawn and Marlon) who are polar opposites. They are on a quest for success and are forced to work together to get it.


What children's sitcom included the characters Ug, Donkeylips and Sponge?

If you were a kid in the 1990s, you remember "Salute Your Shorts" as the ultimate summer camp show. While many movies focused on summer camp back in those days, this show really brought out the craziness that ensued when you arrived at camp and while you were there.


Murray, Amber and Sean are all characters on what sitcom that was inspired by a teen movie?

We all remember the movie "Clueless" as basically a teen anthem of the 1990s. It didn't define the generation, it reflected it perfectly. Because of the success of this movie, a show was spawned. While the show was less memorable, it did last five seasons.


Can you name the Nickelodeon sitcom that included Sam, Janet and Marshall?

This is another great sitcom for anyone who grew up in the 1990s. Clarrissa gets into situations and has to deal with her annoying brother Ferguson but she loves to chill with her best friend Sam (who has his own sound effect whenever he enters through Clarissa's window).


Vonda, John and Renee all interacted with the main character in which sitcom/drama?

"Ally McBeal" was the first show that really showed off the inner workings of a person's mind. Everyone remembers the first appearance of "Baby Cha-Cha" in which a little ghost CGI baby appears in one of Ally's fantasies.


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