Can You Name These ’90s Kids’ Films From a Single Screenshot?

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From "Home Alone" (1990) to "Stuart Little" (1999), the 1990s gave us some of the best kids' films that still hold up, and some of the biggest flops that barely made it out of the theaters alive. If you were a '90s kid, you know that going to the movies was the best part of your summer. You could escape the blistering heat (especially with that heatwave in 1995), eat popcorn and see some of your favorite characters on screen. That's when the summer blockbuster movie really shined, and there were plenty of great ones in this decade. 

Let's face it, we were one of the luckiest generations when it came to film, because the 1990s gave us "Independence Day" (1996), "The Sandlot" (1993) and "A Bug's Life" (1998). If you loved movies when you were a kid (or as an adult), you probably have made your way across nearly all of the '90s kids' films (whether they were hits or flops), but can you identify them from a single image? Take this quiz to see if you can tell the difference between "Richie Rich" (1994) and "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" (1992) or "My Girl" (1991).

Do you recognize this 1990 movie starring Macaulay Culkin?

If you come from a big family, you know that the premise of "Home Alone" (1991) is not totally unbelievable. The thing that actually is unbelievable is the house and the Christmas trip to Europe with the whole family. Maybe they got a discount?

What is the name of this Disney film based on Shakespeare's "Hamlet" that was released in 1994?

Heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas voiced the leading role of Simba in "The Lion King" (1994). This movie brought a new sense of culture and stunning visuals to the Walt Disney production studio's portfolio.

This movie is about a little girl who was pretty magical. What is it?

Danny DeVito took the story that Roald Dahl created and made it into something pretty great. The special effects weren't the greatest, but for their time, they made an impact on the targeted age group.

Can you name this Pixar movie from 1995?

Who would have thought that a story about toys could be so engaging and creative? The visual effects in this movie have stood the test of time, and the budget that went into creating it paid off in the long run.

Which '90s children's film was a twist on the "Peter Pan" story?

What happens when Peter Pan grows up and gets a job? He forgets everything there is to forget about the magic of being a child. That is what this movie is all about. Luckily, Peter Pan was Robin Williams, who had a tendency to remember what it's like to be a fun-loving child.

This movie was recently remade, but the original stars Robin Williams. What is it?

"Jumanji" (1995) is all about the dark side of playing board games. When children ask "What would happen if this was real," the answer is Jumanji ... of course. The special effects for this film were ahead of their time.

What is the name of the '90s film about setting a whale free?

If you aren't sure whether "Free Willy" (1993) is an animal rights movie or a feature length advertisement for Sea World, consider the fact that everyone you knew in the '90s took a trip to Sea World after this movie was released.

Do you remember this movie with "talking" animals?

There is nothing more important than the relationship between a boy and his dog (or a girl and her cat). This movie shows the drastic lengths an animal will go to be with their forever person.

Can you name this '90s cult classic about baseball?

Not only is this movie quotable, but it took the '90s coming of age voice to the next level. While not much really happens, we are put into the shoes of the boys who just want to get their baseball back, and things get intense.

In which '90s kids' film did Lindsay Lohan play two roles?

We often forget that Lindsay Lohan was a great actor in her prime. Not only could she take on two roles in one movie, her two characters could talk to each other. This remake from the 1961 film blew audiences away.

This kids' movie includes a trans character, divorce and mental illness. What is it?

"Mrs. Doubtfire" (1993) is a movie about a man who is so desperate to see his children that he dresses up as an old woman and pretends to be a nanny. This was, of course, before internet background checks were super easy.

Michael Jordan was the athlete to follow in the 1990s. Can you name this movie that he stars in with Bugs Bunny?

"Space Jam" (1996) was a money grab with the cash cow that was Michael Jordan. Not only did this athlete help lead the Chicago Bulls to six championships in the decade, we also got to learn that he was a terrible actor with this incredibly terrible movie.

Can you name this movie about a rich kid who loved his parents?

"Richie Rich" (1994) came along during the slow decline of Macaulay Culkin's career. While we know him as the child star of the 1990s, most don't remember that he was in this movie ... but we do remember the McDonald's at his house.

What is this '90s kids' sports movie about a hockey team called?

There's nothing like Emilio Estevez trying to explain to a group of outcasts that a duck is a strong animal ... except for when he starts quacking at his high strung lawyer boss when he quits to coach peewee hockey.

Do you know the name of this children's movie about a ghost and a girl?

"Casper" (1995) starred Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa. This power couple really broke some barriers in the film world when the boy ghost falls in love with the living girl and they go to a dance together ... because no one really dies in children's movies.

What is the name of this terrifying movie from 1990?

In the movie "The Witches" (1990), we learn a lot about how to spot an actual witch. They have long toes and hate wearing pointed shoes, for example. Every child who saw the witches take on their true form had nightmares for the remainder of the decade.

This Disney animated feature included a dragon. What is it?

"Mulan" (1998) has one defining feature that all Disney movies prior to it did not have: it was the first Disney movie to have a male character with nipples (*gasp!*). This movie was all about girl power, which helped define the 1990s.

In this '90s remake, children have a gender war. Do you know what it's called?

If you watch this movie now, you will see some of the most adorable child actors that the 1990s produced. Of course, most of them only landed roles in this movie. These talented little ones were excellent singers and hilarious little actors.

Which 1990s kids' sports film starred the man who played Al Bundy?

The '90s kids' sports film formula came through strong and clear in "Little Giants" (1994), in which two brothers coach opposing teams to show that girls can play football, and kids with allergies can win.

Can you name this movie which may go down in history as the saddest kids' film ever?

The 1990s brought us a lot of movies that were set in the 1960s, and "My Girl" (1991) may be the saddest coming of age film that has ever landed on the silver screen. Who could forget Thomas J's allergy and what it meant to the plot?

In this 1990s animal movie, a dog runs amok. What is it called?

"Beethoven" (1992) made every child want to get a St. Bernard and name it after a dead composer. However, all adults who saw that movie probably watched in terror as the dog's drool took over the entire house.

Do you recognize this children's movie about a smart pig?

When a pig realizes he's about to become dinner, he has to show off the fact that he is useful around the farm ... well, more useful than he'd be as bacon, anyway. That is why Babe starts herding sheep. It makes sense if you're a child.

What is this 1992 Disney animated feature called?

"Aladdin" (1992) is about a young princess who wants to marry for love rather than money and a young peasant who steals food to live. There's a whole song about it, but the most memorable character is the genie, voiced by Robin Williams.

This movie is a cult classic, but most people don't know which holiday they should watch it on. What is the name of it?

While this movie was well ahead of its time in the visual effects department, some people don't find it to be the best musical ever. However, its dark plot attracts goths and people who shop at Hot Topic.

Can you identify this movie about a fast pitcher?

Anyone who has thrown a baseball knows that Henry doesn't have good pitching form, yet he can throw a fast ball from the bleachers to the catcher ... making him the perfect player for the 1990s Chicago Cubs.

Do you know the name of this movie about going to a weight loss camp?

There is nothing more frightening to parents than sending your kids to camp. This is especially true if you are sending them to a camp that is run by Ben Stiller. Raise your hand if you wanted nothing more than to jump on The Blob.

In which '90s kids' film did Arnold Schwarzenegger try to buy a toy for his son?

There is something to be said about how parents act when they are trying to buy a toy for their children, and that something is: these parents are crazy. If you miss out on the toy for the holiday, you can just buy it like two months later ... just sayin'.

Karate was a big thing in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Can you name this movie about three brothers and martial arts?

With the success of all movies with plots revolving around children protecting their homes, "3 Ninjas" (1992) came around to show us that we just needed to learn some funny fighting movies and we could save the world ... or at least our bedrooms.

This movie involves a character played by Tim Allen who turns into a popular holiday character. What is it?

If you want to confuse children about homonyms, make a movie about Santa Claus and call it "The Santa Clause" ... because it's easy to explain what a clause is to young kids.

1990s movies are known for their outlandish premises, and this one takes the cake. What is the name of this movie?

When a bad guy hits a kid's car, he hands him a signed check and tells him to give it to his parents. Sure, a child will do that. Why not write it out for a million dollars instead? What happens next? You'll have to watch (or rewatch) the movie to find out.

Can you name this movie about a little kid who gets into trouble?

Every '90s kid who watched the cartoon and read the comics of "Dennis the Menace" from the 1980s knows that the actor who played him in the live action film didn't look very much like him at all. However, the movie was funny, so we didn't care.

Do you remember what this Disney animated feature was called?

While everyone can agree that "Pocahontas" (1995) had some stunning visuals, we can also pretty much agree that it wasn't historically accurate ... except for the racist song about "killing savages."

Can you name this Halloween treat for kids that is still popular today?

This movie is clearly a warning to teens. If you are too proud to admit you're a virgin, you will probably end up lighting a candle and terrorizing the whole town with ancient witches who eat children.

What is this movie about a man trying to bond with his girlfriend's son?

Of course, this movie isn't just about bonding. There have to be some shady characters after the lot, and the kid's antics will need to save the day ... it is the 1990s, after all.

In which '90s kids' sports movie is about helping a team down on their luck?

If your dad told you he'd come and visit when your terrible baseball team won, what would you do? Well, pray of course. This movie is all about how your dad is totally cool, even if he is pretty terrible.

Do you know which '90s movie is all about having an unusual pet?

Having a pet monkey is great, until you realize that it is a helper monkey ... the kind of helper monkey that's a pickpocket. This '90s kids' film has the oddest plot and weirdest ending possible.

What is the name of this animated feature about a Russian princess?

While most people think that "Anastasia" (1997) is a Disney film, it was actually produced by Fox and the Fox animation studios. Surprising to most audiences, it ended up being a great film, even if it wasn't totally historically accurate.

Which '90s film is about an ant who needs to find an army to protect his colony?

While many ants just do what they're told, Filk likes to invent things. However, when one of his inventions destroys the offerings to a bully grasshopper, Filk has to figure out a way to save his colony from complete destruction.

What is this animated film about dinosaurs called?

Dinosaur movies are great, but when those dinosaur movies are set in modern times, you get a lot of fun along with the chaos. So when four dino friends take a trip to New York City, a '90s plot unravels.

Can you name this movie about summer camp from the '90s?

When a young kid decides to make his own summer camp with cool kid stuff, he seems to be getting away with it. However, when all of the other kids in the neighborhood find out, things get a little weird.

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