Quiz: Can You Name These 21st Century NFL Stars?
Can You Name These 21st Century NFL Stars?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

Since the turn of the 21st century, the NFL has continued to be one of the most popular pro sports leagues on the entire planet. Many of the best players are household names in America and around the world. How much do you really think you know about NFL stars who have played since 2000?

Yes, you already know that Tom Brady is the celebrated quarterback of the New England Patriots. But do you know where he rode the bench for much of his college career? And do you have any idea how many NFL records he’s broken as a starter in the pros?

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is exceedingly short (5’11) by NFL standards. But he’s already accomplished things much taller (and more highly anticipated) quarterbacks have failed to do — including winning the Super Bowl. What do you know about the NFL’s other underrated stars?

Although QBs get most of the glory, the NFL is full of other big names. There are the beefy, powerful linebackers like Von Miller, Luke Kuechly, Bobby Wagner, and Vic Beasley. Do you know any other current defensive players who blow up plays with regularity?

From running backs like David Johnson and Jay Ajayi to wide receivers such Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant, today’s NFL is packed with more amazing players than ever before. Take our NFL stars quiz now and see if you know these 21st century gridiron warriors!

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Who was the sixth overall pick of the 2011 draft and is now a star receiver with the Falcons?
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Who is the only QB to win five Super Bowl titles in the 21st century?
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He beat cancer and is the top safety with the Kansas City Chiefs. Who is he?
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He was a star linebacker at Texas A&M and now leads the Broncos defense. Who is he?
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In 2012, he was the first rookie wide receiver to make the Pro Bowl in nearly a decade, and he did so as a member of the Bengals. Who is he?
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Who is the flashy starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys?
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In his first four seasons, he caught 400 passes for the Dolphins. Who is he?
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Which super-fast WR is nicknamed "Cheetah"?
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Five times, he’s passed for more than 5,000 yards in a season. Who is he?
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Who was a sixth-round pick and then became a star receiver for the Steelers?
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Who is the Giants receiver who makes as many headlines for his unruly behavior as he does his on-field ability?
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Since joining the the league in 2015, he’s led the entire NFL in interceptions. Who is he?
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Which player was selected as AP Player of the Year for TWO different positions in 2015?
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He’s a free safety who helped the Seahawks win a Super Bowl versus the Broncos. Who is he?
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He’s the QB who led the Eagles to a Super Bowl win over the Patriots. Who is he?
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Who holds the record for sacks with the Houston Texans?
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In college, he was a star QB for a Florida team ... and now he’s a star QB for a Florida-based NFL team. Who is he?
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Which star player has led his team to eight Super Bowl appearances?
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For years, he was the best wide receiver in Green Bay. Now he plays for Oakland. Who is he?
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He was a very consistent QB for the Redskins and now plays for the Vikings. Who is he?
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Who is a star receiver for the Arizona Cardinals?
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Who is the first-string tight end for the New England Patriots?
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Which QB led his team to a win over the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV (2009 season)?
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Who was the fourth pick of the 2015 draft and went on to become a top receiver for the Raiders?
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Which RB was extraordinary in college at Pittsburgh and then went on to play for another Pennsylvania team in the pros?
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He’s a star tight end for the Chiefs and also starred in his own dating TV show. Who is he?
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He was a great running back at Northern Iowa before being drafted by Arizona in 2015. Who is he?
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He has Thor-like hair and plays linebacker for the Packers. Who is he?
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He’s the star QB for the Raiders and always looks like he’s wearing mascara. Who is he?
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This QB led the Chiefs to two consecutive division titles and was then traded to Washington. Who is he?
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