Quiz: Can You Name These 1970s Horror Movies?
Can You Name These 1970s Horror Movies?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Universal Pictures/Joseph E. Levine Productions/Metromedia Producers Corporation

About This Quiz

A horror movie only has one aim, and that is to scare the living daylights out of you. And we can argue that some seek to break barriers, show us what's really happening or just plain seek to entertain you, the one thing they share is they try to do this by shocking or surprising you. While an increased heartbeat or scream is relatively common during a horror screening, it wasn't always so. Some horror movies can make even the most frightened viewers laugh. We can attribute this to the technology at the time and directors not having what's available on the market today- either way, horror movies of the past were not as scary at what we're seeing today. 

But that hasn't stopped us from wanting to take a look back at the past. We want to see if you just became a horror fan yesterday, or if you've been an OG  all along. Do you think you can name these horror movies if we showed you some pictures? Some of these films are in black and white, some paved the way for the most successful horror franchises today, and some were just plain silly. But can you name them all? Try your luck in this '70s horror film quiz! 

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