Quiz: Can You Name These 1970s Bands?
Can You Name These 1970s Bands?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Parlophone Music Sweden

About This Quiz

After the summer of love in 1969, the 1970s saw a shift in music. Sure, there were still bands with hippie sentiments at heart, but new forms of music were starting to take shape.

The 1970s not only introduced us to disco but other important musical genres. Just think about it… The '70s gave us punk, and on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as the birth of a harder form of rock music. In fact, some will say that heavy metal was born in the decade. And what about other musical directions such as ska and reggae? These definitely started to enjoy commercial success during the decade. 

Looking at bands, many from the 1960s continued their success into the 1970s. Some even became more popular! Other bands formed during the decade, quickly pushing themselves to the forefront of popular music. Some, like The Sex Pistols, were extremely controversial… I mean, imagine saying the F-word live on TV in the 1970s!

That said, so much great music and so many incredible bands made the 1970s one of the greatest musical decades. So let's cut to the chase, then: if we give you an image, do you think you would be able to identify a '70s band? Let's see how you go! Rock on!

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