Quiz: Can You Name the West Coast City From Three Clues?
Can You Name the West Coast City From Three Clues?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: ifinnsson via pixabay

About This Quiz

Some of the largest cities in the country are found along the West Coast. They're located in states like Nevada, Washington and California. Some of them are vacation spots, while others are filled with booming businesses, but all are overall great places to live, work and play. Whether you live there or you've never been there, it's likely that you at least know a thing or two about West Coast cities. Think you can guess the city from a few clues about it?

Do you know where you can find the cities that are home to the Space Needle, Caesar's Palace or Lake Tahoe? Landmarks are a great way to identify a city, and they can be pretty memorable. If you can name the hometowns and birthplaces of notable people as well, then you're that much closer to acing this quiz! History buffs might be able to identify a few cities through hints about their past as well. Well, do you think that you're up for the challenge?

If you think you can become an honorary member of the West Coast or want to prove that you know your area very well, then now is your time. Take the quiz to show what you know!

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