Quiz: Can You Name the U.S. State from 3 Random Facts?
Can You Name the U.S. State from 3 Random Facts?
By: Nicole Shein
Image: JakeOlimb / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The diner, the Reuben, an annual French Fry Feed, potato chips, pantyhose, a fat comic-book feline, the electric guitar, the escalator and the elevator, ARPANET, Amazon Prime, blue jeans, a drive-thru post office, an unwitting bovine arsonist, bridges purpose-built for squirrels, grunge music, bluegrass music, the annoyingly difficult-to-sing-in-tune Happy Birthday song, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pink county jail inmate uniforms, the swivel chair, the Pet Rock, the atomic bomb, hippies, yippies, and yuppies, mountains galore, shoreline like nobody’s business, plains and prairies, prairie oysters, lakes that are great, lakes made of salt, lakes shaped like fingers...well, we could go on forever, or at least as long as our internet connection and Google hold out. (Thanks, Al Gore! Errr, Tim Berners-Lee, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page!)

You already know that America is a great country that has given the world some spectacular inventions — as well as some briefly entertaining, but ultimately flash-in-the-pan, fads. Of course, it’s also home to unbelievably beautiful landscapes and notable sites on which history was forever changed.

The real question is whether you can match these tidbits of trivia with their home state! Some of these random facts you might remember from history (or "Drunk History"), while others can be guessed if you have an average understanding of contemporary pop culture. So let's get started!

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