Can You Name the Style of These Movember Mustaches?

By: Jody Mabry

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No-shave November, also known as Movember was started as a way to bring awareness to cancer. Ideally, the hair can be donated to a worthy cause. For many, this is an opportunity to try a new mustache style or step back into the past. How many of these Movember styles can you name?

The handlebar moustache is a moustache with presence. Full, broad and with a swooping end up-tick it brings back the pride of the industrial revolution. it is also a great way for a toddler to hang on while riding your shoulders.

Creepy or sexy, the results are still out. This moustache has been popular among leading men in Hollywood who don't want their boogers plucked directly out of their nose by hairs too close to the nostril.

Thick, full and only about as wide as the length of your lips. A popular '70s and '80s style popularized by detectives looking to find something to hide behind. Magnum P.I. was particularly elusive while wearing one.

A little bushier and sweepier than what the original Pancho Villa wore. This moustache is only a great look while eating nachos or wearing a sombrero.

Got a top hat? This is a great way to make your face look broader than it actually is. This moustache is great for fellas who enjoy curling or pinching things with their fingers while they think.

Part beard, part 'stache, this may be the easiest moustache to grow. That's mostly because it requires about zero-percent grooming. Next time you forget to shave for about a month just say, "I'm sporting the Hollywoodian." No one is going to have a clue what that means.

Who hasn't dreamed of taking a big-rig cross-country? This moustache is not only great racing down the highway, but it also a favorite on wanted poster patrons.

Few moustaches are as perfectly perfect as the thick and obnoxious Imperial. Nearly impossible for anyone who doesn't have straight hairs, and a lot of them, you should always grow one if you've got the assets available.

The pencil moustache is perfect for those refined fellas who like to keep things annoyingly straight and neat. This thin moustache looks like someone was sitting around bored with a ruler in one hand and a pencil in the other.

Oh, there is so much not to say about this side-burns-gone-wild style. The name is fun to say. That's about it.

From the ear down the chin, across the face and repeat. This moustache is neat, narrow and looks like it would be worn by a gentleman. However, anytime you see someone wearing it, run! The person wearing this is obviously up to no good.

So, trying to turn the stigma of a rude mutton chop wearer? Add a moustache and you are suddenly friendlier. Really, it's that simple.

The walrus moustache is for the guy who likes to store crumbs and food from previous meals as a midnight snack. Serious, how does someone eat with this 'stache? Still, few people wore it more dignified than President Teddy Roosevelt.

You have to thank Salvador Dali and his photographer friend Phillippe Halsman for the popularity of this moustache. All you need is a long, thin piece of wire that you glue to your face. It's an interesting look, but one best kept to oneself.

The Van Dyke is a charming and dashing look. In fact, many might think you just finished exploring the world. While you might think actor Dick Van Dyke brought this moustache forward, you would be way wrong. It was brought to attention by Flemish painter, Anthony va Dyck.

You know what? Not enough moustache's are named after trains cars. Thank goodness for the boxcar moustache which was popularised during the great depression by hobos who needed a quick and inexpensive shave.

If you're wearing this moustache be prepared to be called a scurvy pirate. While this moustache and goatee mix has been around forever, it was again popularized by Johnny Depp in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

Oh how we love the copstache. Nothing says donuts, coffee and really tight '70s police shorts better than this Reno 911 favorite. The best thing about this 'stache is it will forever be linked to protecting citizens.

The Pyramid moustache has been around for a long, long... long time. Across the upper lip and pointing out between the nostrils, this is one style that will make you feel like royalty.

Full beard and moustache which is strangely clean and groomed. This 'stache looks great with a full head of hair, shaved head and even a hat. You can call it the universal moustache.

The Zappa, named for Frank Zappa is a sophisticated style for men who can grow a ton of hair but just don't know what to do with it. Basically, you grow out your facial hair until you look like an overgrown armpit and then trim away leaving only a bushy upper lip and thick soul patch.

The painter's brush is one of several mouth-wide moustaches. However, the end styling is a little different with rounded edges. Can you use it for painting? We'll let you figure that one out and get back to us.

Okay, so this beard was started by an Italian Fascist named Italo Balbo. Putting that aside, this thick floating-style moustache and goatee really isn't that bad of a look. In fact, it's becoming a popular Hollywood fashion trend.

From Ben Stiller to Hulk Hogan, the horseshoe moustache is a tough guy look. Sure, we say that with a smirk, but seriously you tell Hogan it looks like he has a Persian cat sticking out of his nose.

Samuel L. Jackson popularized this look in the movie "Pulp Fiction." Part mutton chop and part horseshoe, it is highly recommended you just walk away from anyone approaching you while sporting this look.

The toothbrush moustache was a popular fashion trend in parts of Europe during the early 20th Century. With a thick upper lip moustache only about an inch wide, it was a conservative approach to the full moustache. In modern times, it is commonly referenced with Adolph Hitler. And you wonder why you don't see it around more often...

The folk band moustache has a variety of styles with one thing in common - the beard that falls the length of your neck. Separating it from other long-beard styles such as the ZZ Top, is the fact that these Folk artists customize their moustache.

Oh, the wonderful Fu Manchu was a character developed by fiction writer Sax Rohmer. While Fu Manchu never wore a moustache in the beginning of the series, once brought to film, the straight tendril moustache beginning near the corner of the lips was a cinematic success.

Another full-length bearded moustache, the gent uses wax-ended corners to loop upward. Unless you have a top hat and spectacle glass this just won't work.

Our favorite vile self-valued actor gone rogue. The Count Olaf is almost as dastardly as this moustache. Surprisingly well manicured, if grown long enough the large loops look like a pair of glasses teetering on the edge of your nose.

The detective is a great look if you want to look like you won't take gruff from anyone. A full moustache with thin curled edges along with a thick and wide soul patch will give you a dignified look.

Similar to the Count Olaf, yet in a small scale and a little more wrangled in, the dapper chap is only complete with a beret - however, you can wear that beret facing forward or back. That's good to know.

Surprisingly the Strongman and the Modern Strongman look nothing alike. The modern strongman is a lighter moustache that curls on the corners near the top of the outer lip. It is actually a dignified look that goes well clean shaven or with stubble.

The bigger and longer the better. ZZ Top may have made some great music, but it was their moustache and full, beer-belly-deep beards that gave them their look. RIP Billy Gibbons.

When you thought you couldn't do anything more to the moustache. The wave looks like someone with the ZZ Top walked over a wind tunnel. Aside from the unique sweeping upward beard is the fact that the soul patch is shaved off.

The starfish moustache looks exactly as you would think - like a starfish. Although you could just as easily confuse it with a hairy tarantula. So, arachnophobes may want to stand clear. This one is going to freak you out.

It's funny, the modern strongman, contrary to its title, was more popularized by the circus ringmaster who was short in stature compared to the strongman. This moustache starts out as full and the ends are twisted and straight at least six inches out on each side.

For many, that soul patch is a necessary part of the style. This beatnik soul patch adds a little cup of tea to what would otherwise be an ordinary moustache.

The Errol Flynn is named after everybody's favorite swashbuckler. It is considered one of the manliest moustaches to wear. It is especially useful when casually gazing into the camera as if to say, "I know you love me."

The East London Pencil moustache is narrow and tightly worn along the edges of the mouth. It was popular in the '60s, but was immortalized in kung-fu movies. All the more reason to never stop watching kung-fu.

The gunslinger is about as macho a moustache as you will find. It is thick and narrows into sharp corners well passed the corner of your lips. If you need protection forget hiring a security company. Just look for a fella with one of these.

Who can forget that guy hanging out on the front steps of the quad with an acoustic guitar and half a dozen adoring girls surrounding him. Well, we still hate that guy, but you have to admit he's pretty cool with a goatee and moustache that looks only a few days old.

For those dads who don't want their toddler hanging onto their facial hair while riding on the shoulders consider the petite handlebar instead of the full handlebar. It is in every aspect, just a shorter version of the full-length handlebar moustache we all love. Actually the petite is better, because who doesn't love smaller versions of everything. Why do you think kitten videos are more popular than cat videos. 'Nuff said.

The combination moustache, or for those cooler than me - the combo, is great. It's like Mr. Potato Head with facial hair. The combo is simply a mix of two or more styles. Commonly those styles are beard, moustache, soul patch, mutton chop, mohawk, and the list continues. Think, Mr. T.

He's our favorite guy to hate, but we can't resist his wicked 'stache and pointy beard. Rather courtly, this moustache and goatee combo has a traditional look but delivers a modern punch.

So if the '90s Slacker had a baby, it would be called the Scraggler. This is the 'stache for the guy whose girlfriend hates facial hair and has forbidden him from participating in Movember. This moustache and goatee are so simple that you can grow it out and shave it ten times over the course of the month. She'll just think you're being lazy...but, really - you won. Way to go bro!

Okay, disclaimer here. We're all going to agree that this is cheating. However, for those of you who can't grow a moustache - and that's a real thing - or for those who have a significant other who hates facial hair so much they will shave you their self, we have the finger moustache. In the month of Movember simply draw a moustache on your finger and whenever someone with a camera comes by, slip that finger under your nose. Bam! That's how it's done!

If you love to be called a Beatnik, then there is no better way to show off your style than with a classic soul patch. No need for excessive spending on this style. Small, simple and petite. This is the look that says, "I'm rebelling against my parents and they don't even know it."

Okay, so most tough-guy looks are a full-bodied version of a moustache and beard that make you cross the street. Well, the anchor beard is not that. It is a closely trimmed version of the moustache and goatee. Famous musicians wear it, Hollywood actors in the $20-million-plus-per-film category wear it, and mafia hitmen wear it. One of those guys is really really bad. So, you should just assume anyone wearing this look has been an assassin for a long time.

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