Can You Name the Sidekicks in These Superhero Movies?

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Every superhero needs a sidekick. After all, someone has to say things like, "Holy atomic pile, Batman!" Take this quiz to find how how many of these movie sidekicks you can remember.

If you consider Blade a superhero, and some do, then who is his sidekick in "Blade: Trinity"?

The character of Abigail Whistler was played by Jessica Biel in this 2004 film.

Mr. Incredible was able to call his wife his sidekick in "The Incredibles." What was her hero name?

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl were plain old Bob and Helen Parr in their daily lives.

Keanu Reeves could always count on help from what female character in "The Matrix"?

Keanu Reeves played Neo. The character of Trinity was played by Carrie-Anne Moss.

When he wasn't with his wife, what sidekick could Mr. Incredible count on?

The character of Frozone was voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. Frozone went by the name Lucius Best during superhero downtime.

Who was Batman's sidekick?

Ok, so this is probably the easiest question of the bunch. Robin is the quintessential sidekick.

Radioactive Man had what sidekick?

Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy are referred to in "The Simpsons."

Who played second fiddle to Superman?

Jimmy Olsen was backup for the man of steel.

What sidekick backed up Aquaman?

In the comic book, Aquagirl was Aquaman's sidekick. However, in the movie scheduled for release in 2018, Aquaman might rely on his wife, Mera.

Although Robin was his superhero sidekick, what other sidekick was always there for Batman?

Alfred Pennyworth was Bruce Wayne's butler and father figure.

Batwoman has who for a sidekick?

Batgirl is a mirror image of Robin, Batman's sidekick.

Who is Wonder Woman's sidekick?

Wonder Girl is also known as Donna Troy.

Spiderman calls who his sidekick?

Alpha is a Marvel Comics character. His common name is Andy Maguire.

Iron Man and _________ make a great pair.

The character of James Rhodes was played by Terrence Howard in the 2008 film.

In "Sky High," the Commander calls what character his sidekick and wife?

The characters of he Commander and Jetstream are played by Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston.

Who is Megamind's sidekick?

The characters of Megamind and Minion are voiced by Will Ferrell and David Cross in the 2010 movie.

Captain America has what sidekick?

The character of James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes was played by Sebastian Stan in the 2011 film.

In the movie "Chronicle," Andrew Detmer calls his cousin __________ his sidekick.

Andrew and Matt and their friend Steve Montgomery develop telekinetic powers in the 2012 movie.

Will Stronghold is best friends with what superhero in "Sky High"?

The characters of Will Stronghold and Layla Williams are played by Michael Angarano and Danielle Panabaker.

Ant-man and _____ are a formidable superhero pair.

Ant-Man and Dave are played by Paul Rudd and Tip Harris in the 2015 film.

Who is Doctor Strange's sidekick?

Wong is Doctor Strange's sidekick in the Marvel Comics, but this relationship is less clear in the 2016 movie.

What sidekick is also a paternal figure for Peter Quill in "Guardians of the Galaxy"?

The characters of Peter Quill and Yondu Udonta are played by Chris Pratt and Michael Rooker in the 2014 movie.

Who is Flash Gordon's sidekick?

The characters of Flash Gordon and Dr. Hans Zarkov are played by Sam J. Jones and Chaim Topol in the 1980 film.

The Meteor Man can count on what sidekick?

The Meteor Man and Marvin both use the powers of a meteor to ward off evil criminals.

The Strobe, one of the Specials, calls his wife, _______, his sidekick.

The character of Ms. Indestructible is played by Paget Brewster, who also had a role in "Criminal Minds."

Underdog can rely on what human sidekick?

The character of Underdog, or Shoeshine, was voiced by Jason Lee in the 2007 movie.

Dragonfly can count on what sidekick in "The Superhero Movie"?

The character of Trey, Dragonfly's best friend, is played by comedian Kevin Hart.

What sidekick brother supports the Strobe in "The Specials"?

The character of Minute Man is played by James Gunn in the 2000 film.

Defendor may have more than one sidekick. Who are they?

Fans of the movie argue that Arthur Poppington's sidekicks are his bees. Arthur Poppington, played by Woody Harrelson, is Defendor.

Short-order cook Frank Darbo counts on what sidekick in the movie "Super"?

Libby, played by Ellen Page, works in a comic book store in this 2010 movie.

Who is the Green Hornet's sidekick?

The characters of Britt Reid, the Green Hornet, and his sidekick, Kato, are played by Seth Rogen and Jay Chou.

Melvin and _______ are superhero and sidekick in "American Hero."

Melvin and Lucille fight crime with Melvin's telekinetic powers in the 2015 movie.

Max and which alien companion combine to form the superhero Max Steel?

This 2016 movie stars Ben Winchell and Josh Brener as Max and Steel.

Who is Mighty Mouse's sidekick?

The character of Mighty Mouse was first created in 1942. A movie is reportedly in the works.

Who is Astro Boy's best friend and sidekick?

The character of Cora is voiced by Kristen Bell in the 2009 film.

What sidekick helps superhero Tony Valdez walk again in "The Condor"?

The characters of Tony Valdez (The Condor) and Sammi are voiced by Wilmer Valderrama and Kathleen Barr in the 2007 animated film.

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