Quiz: Can You Name the Romantic Comedy from a Single Quote?
Can You Name the Romantic Comedy from a Single Quote?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Touchstone Pictures

About This Quiz

There are iconic scenes in every romantic comedy film. There is always that point where we think the lovebirds won't get together, and then there’s the car ride to the airport, the dash to break up the wedding, or the boom box that plays the perfect song that changes the heroine’s heart. Although those scenes are always memorable, there are some quotes that will stay with us long after the movie has left the theaters. Ready to remember them all? Then take the quiz now before we give some of the answers away. 

So, what movie do you think of when you hear, “I’ll have what she’s having?” or "Is that... is that hair gel?" If you’re smirking right now, then you’ll love this quiz. It illustrates everything, funny, sad, sentimental and infuriating about love and about finding your soulmate. What were some of your favorite movies? "Pretty Woman," "Groundhog Day," "Knocked Up," or anything with Meg Ryan in it? Well, now is the time to remember them all, and the best lines that came out of each film. Take the quiz by clicking the button below. And then grab a box of tissues and enjoy the show.

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