Can You Name the NFL Team From a Photo of the Cheerleader?

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5, 6, 7 set 1, dip 3, 5, hit 7, 8, 1 clean 3, turn 5, 7, hit 1, 3 dip 5, 7, 8 and... are you ready to take this quiz?!

We're calling on all fans of the National Football League to show us what you've got! It's time to see just how big of a fan you are. Do you know the players? Do you know the rules of the game? Well, how about the gorgeous ladies (and in some cases men!) of the official cheerleading squads of the NFL? Because we want to know, can you name that team from a photo of their cheerleader? 

If you're up for this challenge, we promise to make it good. You see, cheer squads have been around since 1954. Since then, squads have come and gone, been through several rounds of name changes, and hey, six of the 32 teams don't even have a cheer squad anymore... but if there's one thing that we love at the stadium, it's live football and (beer, hot dogs, popcorn, the flyover) cheerleaders! If you especially like the ones who walk around the stadium to take your photo with them, well then, you're going to love this quiz!

So what do you say? Are you ready to impress us with your cheerleading skills? You don't actually have to move, just click the correct answers, and good luck! Go team!

For which team does this cheerleader root?

The Dallas Cowgirls are sometimes nicknamed America's Sweethearts. They are widely regarded as one of the best cheerleading squads in the NFL!

Which team does this cheerleader belong to?

The New England Patriots cheerleading squad was formed in 1971. Did you know that today there are 33 members?

Can you name this team?

Did you know that the Packers became one of the first professional football teams to have a cheerleading squad? They first used cheerleaders in 1931!

Do you recognize this cheerleader's team?

Did you know that the Washington Redskins cheerleading squad is the longest running professional cheerleading organization in the NFL? They were originally known as the Redskinettes, but now they simply go as "The First Ladies of Football."

This cheerleader is rooting for the ________.

Known as the Ben-Gals, the Cincinnati cheerleading squad is one of the first squads in the league. It was founded in 1968 by Paul Brown, who the Bengals' stadium is named after.

Do you recognize this team from its cheerleader?

Did you know that the San Francisco 49ers used to play at Kezar Stadium? While there, the cheerleaders were called the Niner Nuggets, and they were the only singing cheerleading squad in the NFL!

Recognize this team from its cheerleaders?

The cheerleading squad of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was established in 1976. They rehearse and perform routines at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Bucs!

Which team is this?

The Chicago Bears used to have a cheerleading squad known as the Chicago Honey Bears. Did you know that they went defunct in 1986 and the Bears are now one of six NFL teams without cheerleaders?

Can you name these cheerleaders' team?

The Buffalo Bills' cheerleading squad was formed in 1967. They were known as the Buffalo Jills but suspended operations in 2014 when five "Jills" filed a lawsuit against the team for hours worked with no pay.

For which team does this cheerleader cheer?

Established in 1971, the Kansas City Chiefs used to be a co-ed squad. They eventually dropped the male cheerleaders and named the squad the Chiefettes!

Do you know where this cheerleader is from?

There are 31 Carolina TopCats in the Panther's cheerleading squad. They are directed by Richelle Williams.

Can you name this team from its cheerleader?

The Arizona Cardinals' cheerleading squad was founded in 1990. Did you know that Miss Arizona USA, Danielle Demski, was a Cardinals cheerleader in 2004?

Which team does this cheerleader cheer for?

Established in 1998, the Baltimore Ravens have a fairly large cheerleading squad with 48 members. Did you know that they are made up of 31 females and 17 males?

This cheerleader wants the ______ to win!

The Detroit Lions Cheerleaders are currently directed by Rebecca Girard-Smoker. The squad's debut seasons was 2016!

Can you name the team this cheerleader works for?

The 28 members of the Indianapolis Colts' cheerleading squad perform during home games at the Colts stadium Lucas Oil Stadium. Did you know they also performed at Super Bowl XLI and Super Bowl XLIV at Sun Life Stadium?

Who does this cheerleader want to win the game?

The Minnesota Vikings established their cheerleading squad in 1984. The squad often make off-field appearances at parades, schools and charity events.

This cheerleader works for the _______.

Established in 1974, the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders were once known as the Embraceable Ewes. Did you know that Jenilee Harrison of Three's Company was a Rams cheerleader from 1978 to 1980?

Do you recognize this cheerleaders team?

The Houston Texans cheerleading squad was founded in 2002. Did you know that the squad released a swimsuit calendar from 2008 to 2016?

Which team does this cheerleader represent?

The official cheerleading squad of the Los Angeles Chargers is called the Los Angeles Chargers Girls. The squad is managed by e2k Event and Entertainment, which also manages the Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings, and San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush dance teams.

Do you know which team this cheerleader roots for?

The cheerleading squad of the Oakland Raiders are known as the Raiderettes. They were established in 1961 and have been coached by Jeanette Thompson for the past seven years.

This cheerleader hails from the ________.

The San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders were founded in 1983. Did you know that the squad has performed throughout the United States, Europe and even Japan?

Can you name the team for which this cheerleader works?

The Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders debuted in 1969 as "The Falconettes." Tryouts for the squad are held at the Georgia World Congress Center each year in April.

For which team does this cheerleader root?

The Tennessee Titans cheerleading squad was founded in 1975. Did you know that its 25 members perform off the field as well? They make frequent USO trips and have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and The Dr. Oz Show.

Recognize this cheerleader?

The Saintsations were established in 1987. Directed by Lesslee Fitmorris, they are a cheerleading and dance squad that performs at New Orleans Saints football games.

Do you know where this cheerleader team is from?

The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad features 38 women. Did you know that the squad debuted in 1948 as the Eaglettes, and became the Liberty Belles in the 1970s?

Which team do these cheerleaders cheer for?

As of 2016, the New York Giants no longer have a cheerleading squad. Did you know, however, that there is an unofficial squad known as the Gotham City Cheerleaders?

This cheerleader team is the _______.

Did you know that the New York Jets cheerleading squad is known as the Flight Crew? They are currently directed by Denise Garvey and have 38 members.

For which team do these cheerleader cheer?

Did you know that several of the Colts cheerleading squad shaved their heads bald in 2012? This was in tribute to coach Chuck Pagano and his successful battle with leukemia.

How about this one?

Did you know that the New England Patriots cheer squad went to China to train Chinese dancers for the 2008 Summer Olympics? The squad also releases an annual swimsuit calendar.

Keep going! Which team does this cheerleader work for?

Did you know that Cheryl Burton was a member of the Chicago Honey Bears cheerleading squad from 1983 to 1986? She is now a news anchor for ABC 7 Chicago.

Can you name this one?

Known as the Sea Gals, the Seattle Seahawks cheerleading squad was established in 1976. They are considered one of the most intensely trained groups of NFL cheerleaders.

What about this team?

Did you know that besides the regular squad, the Kansas City Chiefs also have the "Red and Gold Girls"? This group is solely responsible for performing cheerleading stunts.

Name the team these cheerleaders love.

Did you know that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a claim to fame? They were the first NFL team to hire a cheerleader with a pixie haircut! Since 1996, the team now reserves a spot each year for a cheerleader with short hair.

And this one is rooting for the _______!

The Denver Broncos cheerleaders, formerly known as the Bronkettes, don't just perform on game days. Did you know that the cheerleaders annually commit to 1,000 hours of community service in and around the Denver area?

How about this one?

Did you know that the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders are known as the Jacksonville Roar? Established in 1995, the squad has four rotating captains for their 34 members.

This cheerleader roots for the ________.

Did you know that former professional WWE wrestler Stacy Keibler is a former Ravens cheerleader? She was a member of the squad from 1998 to 2000.

For which team does this cheerleader work?

Did you know that all members of the Steelerettes were full-time students at Robert Morris Junior College in Pittsburgh from 1961 to 1969? Nearly 60 women participated in the squad over those eight seasons.

Can you bring your team spirit for this team?

Formerly known as the Starbrites, the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad hosts auditions every May. Today there are 36 members of the squad which are led by four directors.

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