Quiz: Can You Name the Manufacturer That Made These Famous Firearms?
Can You Name the Manufacturer That Made These Famous Firearms?
By: John Miller
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

From the blacking to the bluing to the bullets themselves, guns are constantly evolving. Firearms have been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that manufacturers began perfecting their craft. What do you really know about the companies that made the best guns of the past 150 years?

Everyone can name a few legendary gunmakers. Winchester. Colt. Smith & Wesson. Remington. But it’s not always easy to pair those names with the exact models they helped make famous. That’s even truer when it comes to newer guns that haven’t yet had the time to rise to the level of “iconic.” But in our quiz, you’ll try to find the right answers to guns both old and new.

Do you know the company that finally found widespread success with a lever-action rifle? Can you feel your pulse rise when you think about the Colt revolvers that helped to tame the uncertainty and terrors of the Old West?

Of course, many of the most famous firearms are inextricably linked to combat, having earned the respect of soldiers on both sides of the front line. Do you remember the powerful machine guns of the World Wars … and the companies that hastily assembled them for battles that cost millions of lives?

So lock, load and fire away. We’ll see if you have the steady aim to take down our famous gunmaker quiz!

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