Quiz: Can You Name the Insect from a Description?
Can You Name the Insect from a Description?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you an amateur entomologist, or do you just know a little bit about a little bit? If you are the king of trivia night because you know enough about most subjects to be dangerous, this quiz might appeal to you. Forgive us if it's a bit buggy, though. Ready to find out how much you really know about bugs?

Ok, so spiders are bugs, right? Well, if we look at the definition of "bug," which is "an insect," then no, a spider is not a bug. We, however, like to think of a bug as a creepy crawly creature, which includes spiders. So, to us, spiders are bugs, but they aren't insects. Spiders are not insects because spiders are arachnids. But, let's confuse things a bit more... ticks are also arachnids. Who knew? So, although spiders might bug you, they aren't insects. Remember that for future reference.

The point of all this is that you'll need to know your insects to do well on this quiz. We've compiled a list of 35 commonly known insects for you to test your buggy knowledge. You won't get any prizes for getting them all correct, but your Facebook friends are certain to be jealous.

Ready? Let's find out if you know as much as you think you do.

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What insect has hardened wings?
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Which of the following insects helps pollinate plants?
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What brightly colored insect is related to a moth?
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What insects live in a hill?
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The female of what species feeds on blood?
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What little lady is actually a beetle?
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What insect likes to munch on houses?
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What insect might you find on your dog?
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The larvae of what insect are used in fishing?
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You'll probably need to throw away your mattress if you see what bug?
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Jiminy was what kind of bug?
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What insect was depicted on television as having burrowed into a man's brain?
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What insect is sometimes called "the devil's darning needle"?
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What insect is called a greenfly?
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What bug prays?
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What bug is common in schools and day cares?
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Which insect is used as a name for a young one?
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What insect has wings with fringe?
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What insect is considered a pest in the home?
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What insect is a sort of angry bee?
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What bug is also called a Canadian soldier?
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What insect was part of a plague in the Bible?
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What insect is called a bush bug in the U.K.?
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Which of the following bugs has a whole host of fun names?
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What bug eats old books?
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What insect gets its name because it looks like part of a fish?
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What amorous bug also has a less than amorous name?
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What insect can tolerate only clean water?
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What bug emerges from the ground about every 15 years?
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What bug has wings that look like nets?
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What bug looks like a hairy ant?
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What insect has a three-pronged tail?
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What flying insect resembles a scorpion?
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You might find what insect crawling on your basement floor?
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What type of insect was Charlotte of "Charlotte's Web"?
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