Quiz: Can You Name the European Country From Its Largest City?
Can You Name the European Country From Its Largest City?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

For thousands of years, Europe has been a focal point of world affairs, home to an ever-shifting sea of alliances, borders, and wars. Along the way, resilient and strategically-located cities managed to survive the chaos, bringing a bit of order to the region’s trade and politics. If we give you the name of a European nation’s largest city, can you name the country’s where it’s located?

There are dozens and dozens of countries in Europe, from the sprawling likes of Germany, to the United Kingdom and France. We bet that you can probably name the biggest cities in these three countries without much effort. But what about places like Croatia and Turkey?

Name the largest cities and their home countries isn’t just a matter of pure trivia. These cities are often vital to commerce and military alliances that dictate the daily lives of countless millions of people. Can you name the most populous city in Spain? How about Greece and Lithuania?

Take our European city quiz and find out if you really know the inside scoop this continent’s biggest (and most important) metro areas. Maybe you’ll shine like the City of Light … or perhaps you’ll be relegated to some backward burg that still thinks the Soviets are in power.

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