Quiz: Can You Name the East Coast City From Three Clues?
Can You Name the East Coast City From Three Clues?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Alexander Spatari/Moment/GettyImages

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America's East Coast is its "old country," where the early Europeans landed, founded towns and built new lives. It's where America's two wars on home soil—the Revolutionary War and the Civil War—were fought. As such, the cities and towns of the East Coast are full of historical sites and monuments, of "firsts" and "oldests." They've given America some of its most important historical and cultural figures as well; this includes, of course, all the Founding Fathers. 

But these cities and towns haven't stayed frozen in time. They are thriving parts of the American life, contributing to pop culture, sports, technology, academia and technology. For example, the capital of Connecticut is home to most of America's insurance companies, making it a vital part of the U.S. economy. Do you know this city's name? Another town, a bit to the south, was home to one of America's best-known writers, a poet of the dark and macabre. That city remembered its literary history when it named the expansion NFL team it acquired in 1996. Do you know which Eastern city we're talking about?

You might have known that one right away, and you might also find some of these questions pretty easy (we doubt you'll have much difficulty identifying New York, for example). But trust us, this brain-teasing tour of the East Coast will get harder as you go along!

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What city hosted the Olympics, is home to CNN and is called "the city too busy to hate?"
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What city is composed of boroughs, is home to Rockefeller Center and gave us Donald J. Trump?
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Which of these has a large Cuban population, was the setting of a '80s TV hit and is situated on Biscayne Bay?
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Which city is home to Harvard, world-renowned hospitals and a famous marathon?
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What city has a hospital called Johns Hopkins, a newspaper called the Sun and an NFL team called the Ravens?
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You are in a seaport, on a river and in the setting of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." Where are you?
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Which of these is home to the Eagles, had the nation's first library and is called the "City of Brotherly Love?"
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Where are you if you're at latitude 44, on the Kennebec River and in a state capital?
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What city is on Lake Erie, in the state of New York and was an early adopter of electric power?
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Which city is the capital of New York state, is close to Schenectady and is named—in a sense—for Scotland?
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You're in a town with a French name, a state capital and in the state that gave us Ben & Jerry's. Where are you?
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You are in a former Puritan colony, the home of Yale and the home of the "Nine Square Plan." Where are you?
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Where are you if you're in the seat of St. Johns County, the onetime capital of Spanish Florida and a tourist destination?
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Which of these is located in New England, is near Nashua and shares a name with a city in northern England?
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Which of these is a seaport, has an airport serving New York City and is the seat of Essex County?
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You're on an island, an affluent enclave for vacationers and the home of an early colony of the deaf. Where are you?
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Which of these is Maine's most populous city, a seaport and a one-time state capital?
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This city is capital of a commonwealth, on the James River and the site of Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty" speech. Which is it?
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This city is named for a king, shares a name with West Virginia's capital and was the flash point of the Civil War. What is its name?
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Which city is home to the Panthers and Hornets, a hub for US Airways and the birthplace of preacher Billy Graham?
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Which of these is near New York City, has a harness-racing venue and lent its name to a Neil Simon play?
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Kodak got its start here, it's on Lake Ontario and it shares a name with a Minnesota city. Where is this?
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Which of these is in the "Piedmont" region, gave its name to a cigarette brand and is home to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center?
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Which city is on Florida's east coast, is part of Volusia County and is almost synonymous with NASCAR?
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Which of these is on Chesapeake Bay, is home to the largest naval station in the world and has a population of about 250,000?
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Which city is home to many insurance companies, to the nation's oldest art museum and a newspaper called the "Courant?"
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This city is a state capital, was the home of H.P. Lovecraft and is part of America's smallest state. Which is it?
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This town was named for an English gentleman-poet, is called the "city of oaks" and shares an airport with Durham. What is it named?
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Basketball was invented here, a number of guns were manufactured here and it might be the home of "The Simpsons." What city is this?
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Which city is on a bay, has a tropical climate and is a neighbor to St. Petersburg?
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You are in West Virginia's capitol, on the Elk River and on the site of a Civil War battle. Where are you?
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You are in the home of Fort Jackson, a state capital and the second-largest city in its state. Where are you?
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You are on the Chattahoochee River, near the Alabama state line and not far from Fort Benning. Where are you?
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Which city is west of Boston, mass-produced Valentine's cards and has a silent syllable in its name?
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Which of these takes its name from a Greek city, is home to a to major university and is located in central New York state?
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