Quiz: Can You Name the Capital If We Give You the Country?
Can You Name the Capital If We Give You the Country?
By: Stella Alexander
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

A, B, C, D, Egypt, France, Greece. There are hundreds of countries around world, and while you might know your ABCs, could you finish them if it came to naming the world capitals? From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, can you name the capital if given the country?

The world is a vast place made up of many things. Within its seven continents, there are six habitable ones made up of billions of people, millions of lakes and thousands of landmarks. Within these continents, you'd also find them separated into 195 countries around the world. Africa leads the way with 54 countries while Europe follows with 50 and Asia has 48. The list continues with North America at 23, South America at 12 and Australia, which is made up of one country. Even with this, one can't forget about the numerous Oceanic countries in the south Pacific Ocean. The world is made up of many different countries and while you might know their names, but how well do you know their capitals?

Listing the capitals of European countries like France and Italy might be easy, but what about Hungary or Belgium? Could you name the capital of Nepal or Jordan? You might think Australia's capital is Sydney, but could you name its actual capital? There's only one way to find out! Gear up to take this quiz and let's see if you can name all these country capitals!

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