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Think you know the books of The Bible like the back of your hand? The Bible contains over 600,000 words and is spread across 66 smaller sections, which are referred to as the "books" of the Bible. These books were written by a number of different authors at different times, which can make tackling the Bible as a whole confusing due its long length, many parts, and the number of contradictions within it. In fact, Bible even means book. It comes from the Latin word biblia and the Greek word biblios, both which mean book.   

Bible books vary in length, point, and purpose. While most of the famous Bible stories come from Genesis, that is only one book in the Old Testament. There is so much more to cover and explore when it comes to the books of the Bible. The Bible contains heroes, villains, war, tragedy, triumph and more. It tracks mankind's journey from its mythical roots at the hands of God, covering centuries between the books of Genesis and John.   

If you are a true Biblical lore buff, see if you can match the correct books of the Bible to the one-sentence descriptions that belong to them with this very biblical quiz! 

This book is an account of Jesus's life, death and resurrection.

The Gospel of Matthew is the first book in the New Testament. It focuses largely on Jesus's role as King of the Jews.


This book is a collection of wise sayings.

This book of the Bible is a collection of wise sayings meant to help people make wise decisions. It's said to have been written by Solomon and other wise men.


A disobedient prophet takes to the sea to escape God and is returned to land in the mouth of a giant fish.

Jonah is a reluctant prophet, who tries to escape God's plan for him on a boat. At sea is he swallowed by a giant fish and returned to shore to complete his tasks.


The Israelites face genocide and are saved by Esther.

In this book, most of the Jewish people are scattered across the Persian empire and Haman seeks to have them all killed. Esther stops his plot by revealing her hidden Jewish heritage to the King of Persia, who is in love with her.


Peter warns that false teachers will come.

Peter writes to Christians to remind them about the truth of Jesus. He also warns that false teachers will come.


God creates the stars, the earth, and life itself.

Genesis is considered to have been written by Moses, even though the stories in it predate him. It contains the creation story, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and several other of the Bible's most famous stories.


A man's allegiance to God is tested.

Satan bets God that if all of Job's wealth and success were taken from him, he would no longer be a righteous man. Job proves Satan wrong.


God saves the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

Exodus is said to have been authored by Moses. In it, God rescues the Israelites from slavery and then enters into a special relationship with them.


The people of Israel wander in the desert for 40 years.

In this book, Israel fails to obey God and is forced to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. This book is considered to be the work of Moses.


Jesus comes to the church.

Jesus returns to the church in Acts. Then his gospel spreads all over the world.


Israel has peace and prosperity under King Solomon, but this changes after his death.

Solomon, famous for his wisdom and wealth, was the last king of United Israel. After his death, it split into the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah.


David becomes King of Israel.

The first king of Israel was Saul, who displeased God. David, whom God favors, replaces him.


This book laments the fall of Israel and success of Babylon.

Lamentations is a collection of dirges, or mournful songs. They lament the victory of Babylon and fall of Jerusalem.


Israel gets caught in a cycle of turning away from God, being conquered by others, and then being rescued by leaders sent by God.

15 judges were sent by God to deliver Israel and kept leading them from oppression into peace. These people temporarily ruled Israel.


A letter of correction is sent to churches in an area where the Bible has become misunderstood.

Paul hears that Galatian churches have been practicing as if Salvation comes from the Law of Moses. He writes a letter to them telling them to correct this.


This letter outlines how to have joy in Christ.

This is a letter to the church of Philippi from Paul. It is an encouraging letter about joy through faith.


Paul recommends that a man accept a man who used to be a slave of his as a brother.

Philemon's slave Onesimus ran away, and ended up meeting Paul and accepting Christ later on. Paul sends him back to Philemon with a note telling him to accept him back into his house as a brother.


This long poem explores human love.

King Solomon wrote over 1,000 songs over the course of his life, and this book is a collection of lyrics that study human love. Traditionally Solomon is considered the author, but it could have been written about him or just in his style.


This book lists miracles and signs to back up Jesus's divinity.

The Gospel of John was written in the hopes of convincing people to believe in Jesus. It lists the signs and miracles associated with him.


An explanation of the Gospel of Jesus is explained in a letter that was sent to the churches of Rome.

Paul provides the churches of Rome with a letter explaining the Gospels of Jesus before he visits there. This letter is Romans.


A virtuous widow gives birth to the grandfather of King David.

Ruth is a loyal widow who follows her mother-in-law to Bethlehem after her husband dies. From there she marries Boaz, and the pair give birth to Obed, who is the father of Jesse, who is the father of King David.


A man is told to marry a prostitute and must get her back after she leaves him.

God tells a man named Hosea to marry a prostitute named Gomer, who leaves him and commits adultery, so God commands Hosea to bring her back. This story is symbolic of God's relationship with Israel.


A man sees visions of the past, present and future.

In Revelation, John sees visions of the past, present, and future. This is the last book of the entire Bible.


Eyewitness testimonies of Jesus are included in this book of the Bible.

The Gospel of Luke is the most thorough account of Jesus's life. It includes eyewitness accounts of Christ.


An elderly Paul encourages his young protege to keep faithful and keep preaching.

1 and 2 Timothy are focused on Paul and his protege Timothy. In both, Paul offers instruction and guidance to Timothy.


This is a short letter about Christian fellowship.

3 John is a short letter about Christian fellowship. It was written by John.


This letter tells Christians to demonstrate their faith through action.

This letter tells Christians to live their lives in ways where actions show their faith. It was written by James, who is possibly the brother of Jesus.


A scribe teaches the people of Israel to follow God's rules as they rebuild their temple.

The scribe Ezra teaches people to once again obey God's laws. It is said that Ezra wrote this book of the Bible as well as 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles.


A captured Jewish man uses his wisdom and prophetic abilities to become a high-ranking wise man.

Daniel is considered to be one of Israel's greatest prophets. He rises to power through his wisdom, symbolic prophetic dreams and ability to interpret the dreams of others.


Solomon builds a temple of God in Jerusalem, but it's destroyed by Babylonians.

David's son Solomon builds a temple to God in Jerusalem, but after centuries of rejecting God's will, Babylon captures Israel. Babylon holds people captive and destroys the temple.


Under a new leader, Israel conquers the promised land.

Joshua leads the Israelites to victory in this book. He then divides the conquered land among the tribes of Israel.


God warns that he will judge and destroy Israel and the surrounding nations, but will ultimately restore them.

Through the prophet Zephaniah, God warns that he will end all things. He also says that he will restore them, after.


The people of Israel react unfavorably to a prophet's messages from God about Babylon overtaking them.

God plans to destroy Jerusalem as the Israelites have turned on him, but sends Jeremiah as a prophet to warn, comfort and teach them. Jeremiah is largely ignored by the people of Israel, who face dire consequences because of it.


This book is a letter which encourages Christians to persevere despite persecution.

This letter reminds Christians that Christ is bigger than any earthly struggle they will face. No one knows who wrote it.


This letter encourages Christians to stand up for their faith in the face of the ungodly.

Jude wrote a letter encouraging Christians to stick to their faith. It warns that godless people have entered unnoticed.


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