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"You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true!" Thank you, James Blunt, for telling us what we already know! While we're all beautiful people, we can all admit that we have an arsenal of tools at our disposal. Whether you're like Beyonce and you "woke up like this" or you need a few products to help you nail your look, can you name these beauty tools from a single sentence description?

In the beauty world, there's a ton of tools that are meant to help us get our lives together. For those constantly having a bad hair day, there are options for that! If you want to put waves in your hair, there's something for that. If you need to dry your hair and stop it from being a frizzy mess, there's a tool for that too! 

While many beauty tools are centered around our hair, we can't forget about the ones for our face. There's a tool for making your eyelashes stand out and sponges meant to make applying makeup seamless. What about the tool that will clean and dry your makeup brushes in a matter of seconds?

How many of these beauty products can you name from a single sentence? Will you be mastering your way through these questions for a beautiful look by the end or will you look like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

There's only one way to find out! Let's get beautified! 

This beauty tool is the combination of blades made to help with hair removal.

A razor is a common beauty tool for both men and women. The blades work together to "shave" the hair away from the body.


This absorbent material that comes on a stick is often used for hygienic reasons.

Fun fact! All Q-tips are cotton swabs but all cotton swabs are not Q-tips. Q-Tips is a trademark name so if you want to refer to a different brand, technically they'd be cotton swabs.


This beauty tool is electrically powered to help remove water from your hair.

Blow dryers are an extremely common beauty tool. With options for hot or cold air, it removes moisture from the hair.


This tool is a rod that heats up to change the shape of a piece of hair that is wrapped around its body.

A curling wand is another popular hair tool. Different from a curling iron, a curling wand is a simple rod that heats up. Hair should be wrapped around it in order to achieve a curl or wave pattern.


This tool is placed around the lashes and squeezed to change the shape.

An eyelash curler is a beauty tool as obvious as its name. Meant for the top row of lashes, eyelash curlers are meant to curl the lashes so they stand out more.


An essential hair tool, this product helps ease tangles and knots from your hair.

A detangling brush is an essential hair item. While many people are plagued with hair that may tangle easy, a detangling brush makes the process quicker and less painful.


Often referred to as a straightener, this tool 'straightens' the hair.

While many people might turn to a curling wand for curls or waves, a flat iron is what will achieve straight hair. For those who know the technique, a flat iron could also even be used to curl the hair.


This tool is used to heat the medium required for hair removal.

If you wax on your own and don't care for the strips, you might use a wax warmer. These electric tools heat up the wax and prepare it for placement on the body.


These round electric tools are designed to remove excess dirt or makeup from the face.

Cleansing brushes have become an extremely popular beauty tool. Rather than regular washing, many people have turned to the electric bristles that buff the dirt and oil out of the skin.


These long, thin rods are meant to be wrapped around the hair to create a spiral.

Curling rods are a hair tool that aids in curling the air. While many people are opposed to applying heat to their hair, curling rods are an alternative. They can be placed in damp hair and left to dry. Once the hair is dry, the rods can be removed for a heatless curled look.


Made to be used while damp, this tool aids in the application of facial products.

Similar to cotton swabs, all beauty blenders are beauty sponges but not all beauty sponges are beauty blenders. While they have the same purpose, beauty sponges are made to help blend and apply products on the face, such as foundation, concealer, and more.


This beauty tool is used to blend eye shadow between the bottom lid and lower lash line.

A smudge brush is just another one of many beauty tools that come as makeup brushes. It is often used on the lower eye to blend eye shadow colors together.


This prong-like tool is made to extract hairs from the body.

Tweezers are a popular beauty tool that can be used by anyone. They help pluck hairs from the body and can also be used in a beauty routine for applying lashes.


This tool is designed to apply eyelashes.

While some might just use tweezers, faux lash applicators are specifically designed to follow the contours of a false lash. They are made to help the application easier.


Also used in the real world, this object is used to create a tip on eyebrow and lip products.

Pencil sharpeners are a tool in the regular world, but they are often used in the beauty world as well. Many people use them to sharpen eyebrow and lip pencils.


This heated rod comes with a tong to hold the hair in place while creating spirals.

A curling iron is another beauty tool used on the hair. Very similar to the curling wand, a curling iron comes with a tong that holds the hair in place around the barrel.


This beauty tool is often used on the eyes to apply eyeliner.

An angled brush is a common beauty tool that is used for eyeliner application. Coming at an extreme angle, it is made to help in the creation of a winged-out effect.


This beauty tool comes with teeth that are meant to help remove tangles and knots.

A comb is a beauty tool that most people use in their day-to-day lives. It is created to detangle the hair and remove knots.


This plastic or rubber tool is often used to rub brushes for the removal of makeup.

Brushing cleaning mats are a rather new beauty tool. Users are meant to dip their brush into a cleaner and rub it against the mat to remove all traces of makeup.


A tonged beauty tool, this item helps create waves and crimps in the hair.

A deep waver is another hair tool that differs from a straightener and a curling wand. A deep waver comes with a unique waved shape that allows the hair to take its shape once it has been heated.


This beauty tool comes engineered with two types of material to help with makeup application.

A duo fiber brush is a popular beauty tool when it comes to applying foundation. Made with two types of fibers, it is supposed to give your makeup a flawless appearance.


A wide, flat tool, this product helps remove tangles from the hair.

A paddle brush is different from a comb in that it has many bristles. The large, flat surface aids in removing tangles from the hair in a quicker fashion.


This round shaped brush is used to comb through the hairs of your eyebrows and eyelashes when applying mascara.

While many might not know its name, most have seen it. A spoolie is a beauty tool that often comes at the end of an eyebrow brush. It is also the kind of brush that appears in a tube of mascara.


This beauty tool is a round and bristled to create a full hair look after blow drying.

A blow out brush is a common tool to use when blow drying the hair. Rather than blow drying the hair flat, using a blow out brush will give the hair a voluminous look.


This sharp product is used to puncture the skin to help revitalize it.

Microneedles aren't new to the beauty world but many people are starting to adopt them into their home life. Microneedling punctures the skin and is meant to help with collagen production, a protein that keeps the skin looking young.


This beauty tool is necessary to make sure you look put together!

What would the beauty world be without a mirror? An object that needs no explanation, mirrors are obviously used to look at oneself.


This beauty tool often comes with a gel and a glow up light that will give you a brighter smile.

Teeth whiteners are a beauty tool that most just look at as a luxury. This tool is usually a paste that is to be applied to the teeth while a UV light shines through the mouthpiece.


Outside of an office, this tool is used to control the barriers of eye shadow.

While you might be wondering what scotch tape is doing on this quiz, it has become a beauty tool that many people use! During the makeup process, some people apply scotch tape at an angle underneath the eye to create a barrier for where they'd like their eye shadow to end.


This tool is used to help your falsies stick to your lash line.

Lash adhesive is a safe material that is used to apply false eyelashes to the lash line.


This tool is meant to help you buff the dead skin off your body.

Exfoliating mitts are meant to be used in conjunction with an exfoliating product. Together they will remove any dead skin cells on the body and leave behind a smooth surface.


This beauty product comes with small teeth and a sharp point at the end made for parting your hair.

A rattail comb is a popular beauty product that is used for the hair. The sharp point makes it ideal for creating a precise line when parting the hair.


This 'fanned out' beauty tool comes with bristles and is used to apply products like highlighter to the cheekbones.

A fan brush is a beauty tool that can be used in the makeup application process. This brush is ideal for applying highlighter to the high points of the face (cheek bones, brow bones, nose).


This beauty tool is applied over a blemish and then flashes a light to help clear breakouts.

Acne spot treatments are becoming a more popular beauty tool. They shine a light on the blemish and are said to help treat and prevent further breakouts.


This beauty tool is meant to calm the skin with warm air and open up the pores.

A facial steamer is a beauty tool that is highly centered around skincare. The steam helps open pores which is ideal if you plan on using deep-penetrative skincare products.


You'll often need these two things that have five fingers each to use your beauty products.

Is there a more important beauty tool than your hands? Your hands are the ultimate tools that allow you to use any or all of these beauty tools!


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