Quiz: Can You Name the Auto Tool If We Tell You What It Does?
Can You Name the Auto Tool If We Tell You What It Does?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Whether you’re a seasoned garage junkie or a DIY novice, automotive work requires basic understanding of vehicle systems and a means of fixing and tweaking components. A household toolbox typically won’t fit the bill — cars have so many different fasteners and parts that you’ll often need tools made for the job at hand. 

In this quiz, we’ll describe what an automotive tool does and then see if you can name it. Think you’re up for the challenge, grease monkey?

Cars aren’t just bolts and gears. They are a vast interconnection of metal, plastic, and rubber, interlaced with computers and sophisticated electronics. It doesn’t take much to break a car, but it takes know-how and the proper tools to fix them. Are you a master mechanic or would you be better off baking bread in the kitchen? If you can’t name the following tools, we’re partial to nine-grain muffins, thank you very much.

Spanners, rubber mallets and wrenches of all kinds are necessary for serious car work. So too are the expensive tools meant to address electrical issues and upgrades. Take our auto tools quiz and show us whether you know the difference between a breaker bar and a socket swivel!

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