Quiz: Can You Name the '80s Product From the Slogan?
Can You Name the '80s Product From the Slogan?
By: Amanda Monell
Image: RetroStatic

About This Quiz

Many of us would love to drive a Delorean (with functioning flux capacitor) back to the 1980s, because it felt like things were a lot simpler back then. The Internet was only available to government agencies, using a telephone (a cordless one if you were lucky) was the best way to get a hold of friends and family, and going out into the summer sun was encouraged. Compared to today, there was a wide-eyed innocence that urged people to explore new possibilities.

With such creative energy flowing around the 1980s, it should be no surprise that innovations were popping up everywhere. Are you a gamer? Nintendo's main man Mario (who was originally named Jumpman) made his first appearance, not in his franchise, but in Donkey Kong, where he was yet again rescuing damsels in distress. Video game consoles became a household must have, and many of the games had immersive storylines, creating the foundations of today's favorite gaming titles. 

Music lovers got a treat as well: they could abandon their 8-track and cassette tapes in favor of compact discs, which were harder to break and provided clearer audio quality. We've gathered some of the most memorable products from the 1980s along with their commercial slogans. Do you think you can match them up correctly? One way to find out and that's to put on your favorite jam and take this quiz.

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